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Expert Series: The Future is Female, The Rise of Women in Leadership

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Expert Series: The Future is Female, The Rise of Women in Leadership

Expert Series: The Future is Female, The Rise of Women in Leadership

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Expert Series: Episode 16 with Kim Hall and Laura Desveaux

Here's What You Will Learn: 

  • Top business and leadership resources that will accelerate your career 
  • Unique and out of the box career paths that are carving the way for a new generation of physiotherapists 
  • What are the effects of the gender gap on healthcare in general and is there gender disparity in the Canadian physiotherapy industry? 
  • The rise of female leaders? What does the future hold for our profession and how will this impact your career? 
  • Strategies for developing practical leadership skills that will propel your career.

Talent is one of the most essential factors for growth and competitiveness

As the world moves from capitalism into the era of talentism, competitiveness on a national and on a business level will be decided more than ever before by the innovative capacity of a country or a company.

An environment that does not treat women fairly compromises excellence in patient care and the advancement of medical research.

Studies show that women in medicine:

  • get less pay for equal work
  • are promoted less frequently
  • have fewer opportunities to publish, and
  • receive less recognition than their male counterparts.

To build future economies that are both dynamic and inclusive, we must ensure that everyone has equal opportunity. 

The instructors
Kim Hall
Founder & Director of Physio2U, Kim graduated with honours as a physiotherapist from Queen’s University in 2005 with extensive experience in acute care, Orthopaedics and stroke recovery, Kim decided to help people who needed rehabilitation the most due to their limited mobility. She created a unique model of physiotherapy service provision including one-hour, 1:1 sessions that include hands-on-treatment, education and exercise prescription based on movement pattern retraining. The Physio2U approach appreciates and understands that the clinician-client relationship is fundamental to recovery and feeling better. She is an active member of the provincial Arthritis Continuing Education (ACE) Network, national Arthritis Health Professions Association (AHPA), Physiotherapy Association of BC and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. In April 2016, she was appointed to the Board of Directors of the College of Physical Therapists of BC.

Laura Desveaux
Laura is an implementation scientist focused on policy-oriented evaluations of complex health interventions to ensure that new approaches to care actually solve some of our biggest challenges within the healthcare system. Her research involves partnerships to ensure that key players in the system are involved in supporting local and system level change. Key partners include the Digital Health Secretariat of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Health Quality Ontario, the Ontario Medical Association, the Ontario Telemedicine Network and Cancer Care Ontario, as well as several technology start-ups. As part of this work, she is focused on advancing scientific methodologies to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving nature of technology. In addition to her research, Laura is passionate about leadership and innovation, and the intersection between the two. She is the founder of the Women's Leadership Network- an interdisciplinary network committed to the development and advancement of women leaders across the health sector. Her hope is that these efforts will support women in their pursuit of career advancement and system leadership.
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