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APTEI: Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Management

APTEI: Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Management

APTEI: Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Management

This course includes
This course was recorded in May 2020

About The Course:

This online physiotherapy course by Bahram Jam, founder of the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI), will review the basic physiotherapy approach to the evaluation of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Video lessons are provided in a clear and concise manner in order to ensure an effective and enjoyable learning experience. The course material is referenced from up to date research articles.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the most used, yet ignored joints in the body. Clinicians don’t regularly evaluate the TMJ since it is often not a patient’s primary complaint, when in fact it may be the primary source of the patient’s symptoms. The TMJ should be evaluated for all patients who report:

  • Headaches (especially in the temporal region)
  • Upper cervical pain and stiffness
  • Dizziness
  • Local pain and clicking in the TMJ

Learn more about TMJ management by joining this online course with Bahram Jam today!


Here's a Short Video Overview:


In This Online Physiotherapy Course, You Will Learn:

  • Gain practical knowledge of the possible anatomical factors leading to TMJ pain & dysfunctions.
  • Review the basic physiotherapy approach to the evaluation of the TMJ.
  • Highly effective muscular retraining exercises & mobilizations.
  • Learn specific TMJ exercises that can be shared with your patients by using Embodia for Home Exercise Programs (HEP)


An Important Note Regarding The TMJ That All Physiotherapists Need To Be Aware Of:

  • Many dentists & physicians are in need of referring their patients with persistent headaches, earaches, and facial pains related to the TMJ to other health care professionals; however, they are unaware that some PTs can effectively evaluate and treat the TMJ.
  • There are great opportunities for PTs to assist their local dentists and help many individuals who suffer from persistent and disabling TMJ conditions. Management includes education on condition, highly effective home exercise programs and gentle mobilizations.


Who Is This Course For?

Physiotherapists and all healthcare professionals who are licensed or who are eligible to be licensed to practice.


What’s Included In This Online Physiotherapy Course?

  • 1.5 hours+ of video lessons.
  • A full instructional e-manual that may be downloaded and printed.
  • 7 patient exercises and 2 patient education that can be shared with your patients electronically through Embodia
  • A printable course workbook that has been broken down into sections so you can easily follow along with Bahram Jam. Download your workbooks in each lesson of this course.
  • Bite-sized information: all of the content is broken down into bite-sized chunks, so that you can easily watch a video on your break, over lunch, or for a few minutes at night.
  • Lifetime access. You can return to this course at any time. If any material is updated or added, you will have access to the new content.
  • Certificate of completion. Once you've completed the course, you will receive a certificate for your professional portfolio.
  • Access to this course is through Embodia, and although some of the content, such as the workbook can be downloaded, the majority cannot. This is to protect the instructor’s material and to prevent the content from being shared freely on the Internet.
  • Embodia is mobile-friendly and can be accessed by phone, tablet, and computer.
  • There is no start date or completion date. You can complete the course at your own pace.
  • Quizzes throughout to help you integrate the knowledge.
  • You will be sent a receipt as soon as you purchase this course. This receipt can be used for education grants and for tax purposes.
  • A Special Coupon for 15% off any other online course on Embodia Academy when you’ve completed this course!


USA CEU Approval

This online course is approved for 6.5 CEUs for Physical Therapists in 39 US States. The US States that this course has been approved for can be found here.

In order to qualify for the CEUs, you must complete the entire course and pass the exam.

Further details are included in the course.

The instructors
Bahram Jam (he/him)

Bahram is a physiotherapist and founder of the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI). He's taught 1000+ continuing education courses to healthcare professionals across Canada & internationally.

He has instructed over one thousand post-graduate orthopaedic and pain science courses and has been a guest presenter at several physiotherapy and medical conferences across Canada and internationally.

His primary clinical approach is to identify relevant functional impairments and determine the best self-management strategy to maximize patient independence.

Course Material included in this course
  • Assessment & Diagnosis
  • Lesson 6: MPSFS, Observation, Palpation
  • L6: Handout
  • Lesson 7: Myofascial pain
  • Lesson 8: Hypermobility
  • Lesson 9: ADDWR
  • Lesson 10: ADDWOR
  • Lesson 11: Trismus
  • Lesson 12: Hypomobility
  • Feedback
  • Management Strategies
  • Lesson 13: General concepts
  • Lesson 14: Hypermobility
  • Lesson 15: ADDWR
  • Lesson 16: ADDWOR
  • Lesson 17: Trismus
  • Lesson 18: Hypomobility
  • Lesson 19: Myofascial pain
  • Lesson 20: Upper cervical spine
  • Lesson 21: Central sensitization
  • Feedback
  • Summaries and Case Studies
  • Lesson 22: Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Case Study #1: Hypo-Mobility Syndrome
  • Case Study #2: Hyper-Mobility Syndrome
  • Case Study #3: Anterior Disc Displacement with Reduction
  • Feedback
  • Optional Additional Videos to Lessons
  • Bonus/Optional Section
  • 1) Basic Anatomy Video
  • 2) Assessment (TTBS & Palpation)
  • 3) Assessment (Palpation of Condyle Translation and Clicks)
  • 4) Assessment (ROM & Patterns of Jaw Opening)
  • 5) Assessment (TMJ Loading Test)
  • 6) Diagnosis (Hypermobility)
  • 7) Diagnosis (Hypomobility)
  • 8) Diagnosis (ADDWR)
  • 9) Diagnosis (ADDWOR)
  • 10) Treatment (Hypermobility)
  • 11) Treatment (Hypermobility: Follow Up)
  • 12) Treatment (Hypomobility)
  • 13) Treatment (ADDWR)
  • 14) Treatment (ADDWR: Follow Up)
  • 15) Treatment (ADDWOR)
  • Exam
  • Exam
  • US CEU Accreditation Information
  • US CEU and Certificate Information
Patient Exercises included in this course
  • TMJ Exercise: Soft Tissue Release
  • TMJ Exercise: Hypomobility 2
  • TMJ Exercise: Hypomobility 1
  • TMJ Exercise: Hypermobility
  • TMJ Exercise: Anterior Disc Displacement with Reduction 3
  • TMJ Exercise: Anterior Disc Displacement with Reduction 2
  • TMJ Exercise: Anterior Disc Displacement with Reduction 1
Patient Education included in this course
  • Articulation temporo-mandibulaire: Conseils aux patients
  • Temporomandibular Joint Home Instruction Sheet

Each course purchase is for a single viewer only, and may not be shared. If you are interested in group/staff viewing, please contact us at to arrange a group discount code specifically for your group.

The larger the group, the larger the discount. Each individual must purchase separately with the discount code, and agree to the terms and conditions (legal). This provides each participant with their own copy to review at their pace, their own certificate of completion, and the opportunity to interact with colleagues as you all work collectively through the material.

This online course is approved for continuing education units (CEUs) for Physical Therapists in certain US States. More details about the US States that this course has been approved for can be found on the course page.

In order to qualify for the CEUs, you must complete the entire course and pass the exam.

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