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THE Biopsychosocial Bundle

THE Biopsychosocial Bundle

THE Biopsychosocial Bundle


A Question for You:

Can you be a GREAT manual therapist AND an amazing biopsychosocial clinician?

With The Biopsychosocial Bundle, YOU can! 

We are going to help you put it ALL together with this bundled learning approach for a biopsychosocial framework that is immediately clinically applicable. Read on to learn more!

This on-demand online bundled learning approach is brought to you by Reframe Rehab and Embodia. It has been designed for all rehabilitation practitioners across every area of practice, especially those in orthopaedics and pain science. 

Ready to reframe manual therapy, within a broader framework? Keep reading for all of the details or if you are ready to purchase the bundle, click on the Buy Bundle button. 


Course Bundle Overview: THE Biopsychosocial Bundle

The last 15 years of research have called for significant change in our clinical practice.

MSK outcomes have been historically poor over the 30 years with MSK disability rates at an all-time high!



  1. MSK clinics are set up for hands-on and exercise-based approaches
  2. Taking a narrative history is problematic in cubicles and curtained-off gym spaces
  3. Physiotherapists feel out of their comfort zone when providing psychosocial care strategies



  1. Upskilling all manual therapists in nociplastic pain mechanisms
  2. Embracing skills that can be integrated into your current care models
  3. Committing to wholesale change by spending a year submersed in biopsychosocial learning


Are you Intrigued?

Join Embodia and Reframe Rehab for a ONE-year journey (1 hour/week commitment at your own pace) that immerses you in the key areas of adopting a biopsychosocial approach.  

You are NOT alone.  The online courses are all available to take on your own time and pace. And, you will also be supported with monthly OFFICE hours - a chance to ask the instructors questions and bring difficult case studies!


How Does the Bundle Work?

There are SIX key courses in this bundle that are purchased together. These courses have been carefully selected and constructed for clinicians who wish to excel in a biopsychosocial framework.

All six of the courses (plus additional bonuses outlined below) are available for ONE low price. You cannot purchase these courses individually and the bonuses are only available for those taking this 1-year bundled learning opportunity.

The instructors in THE Biopsychosocial Bundle have a combined 180 years of clinical experience and significant expertise in treating nociplastic pain.

You will have ONE year to complete the six courses (about 1 hour/week at your own pace). You can review the material as often as you need.


Courses Included in the Bundle

THE Biopsychosocial Bundle includes access to the following courses (at your own pace and in the order you want to take them, but we have included them in the suggested order below):

  1. Biopsychosocial Reframed - A Model for Treating Pain
  2. Reframe Pain Education - My Patient Doesn't Believe Me, Now What?!
  3. An Introduction to MI, CBT, ACT & Polyvagal Theory for Pain Clinicians 
  4. Determining a Mechanical Component - Pelvic Pain & Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
  5. Lifestyle Factors for Treating Systemic Inflammation in Rehabilitation
  6. Sleep and Musculoskeletal Pain - The Crucial Link


Certificates of Completion

You will receive a certificate of completion for each course that you complete! The certificate will include your name (as written on your Embodia account), course title and length, and the instructor(s) signatures. You have the option to display your registration/license number on your certificate. To learn how to find/update your name please refer to this help article.

If you would like to add your registration/license number on Embodia, please refer to this help article.


Bonuses! What Else is Included in the Bundle?

Included in THE Bundle, are a TON of clinical application resources to help you adopt your new skills QUICKLY and SEAMLESSLY into your practice.

Plus, we are including 2 bonuses!

  • A two-month FREE trial of Embodia's Tier 2 Membership is included in THE Bundle in order to make your newly found exercise prescription simpler and faster! This also includes free access to several resource packages from Carolyn Vandyken.

  • A BONUS Course: When you complete all six courses within a year (and become an AMAZING biopsychosocial clinician) you will get lifetime access to a brand-new BONUS course created and delivered by Carolyn Vandyken, 'A Fresh, Biopsychosocial Approach to Core Training'.

If you are not able to finish the courses in one year, you will need to re-purchase the bundle for 50% off your initial purchase price.  

 We want you to succeed!  We want you to grow deeply and strongly in the next year as a biopsychosocial clinician.


Short Video Introduction


Learning Objectives

THE Biopsychosocial Bundle will strongly and effectively upskill you in all of the key areas of adopting a biopsychosocial framework.  

Each participant will learn:

  • A model of care that can be adapted to your own practice (Carolyn Vandyken's course)
  • How to communicate more effectively using motivational interviewing as well as behaviour management skills (CBT, ACT and Polyvagal theory) (Lara Desrosiers)
  • How to explain pain to patients in a way that sticks (Neil Pearson)
  • How to coach sleep behaviour changes so that their sensitive nervous systems can heal (Debbie Patterson)
  • How to assess mechanical sensitivity in LBP and pelvic health to determine whether nociceptive or nociplastic drivers are present (Lynda McClatchie)
  • How to look at lifestyle factors from a manual therapist's perspective (Sinead Dufour)



This online biopsychosocial bundle is developed for ALL manual therapists - physiotherapists, occupational therapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, chiropractors, and others who treat musculoskeletal pain.



At this time, this course bundle is valid as continuing education hours for Canadian Physiotherapists and has been CEU approved for PTs in South Africa. We have not yet gone through the application process for US CEUs for physical therapists, although this is under consideration.

Courses in this track
Biopsychosocial Reframed - A Model for Treating Pain
Part of a bundle
Reframe Pain Education - My Patient Doesn't Believe Me, Now What?!?
Part of a bundle
An Introduction to MI, CBT, ACT & Polyvagal Theory for Pain Clinicians
Part of a bundle
Lifestyle Factors for Treating Systemic Inflammation in Rehabilitation
Part of a bundle
Sleep and Musculoskeletal Pain - The Crucial Link

Sleep and Musculoskeletal Pain - The Crucial Link

Reframe Rehab, Debbie Patterson
Part of a bundle

Click on the 'Buy Bundle' button. On the first payment page, there is a spot to put in your coupon code!

Each course purchase is for a single viewer only, and may not be shared. This provides each participant with their own copy of the course bundle to review at their pace and their own certificates of completion.

For clinics/groups of 3 or more clinicians, we offer a Buy 2 get the 3rd bundle free. If you are a clinic with a membership on Embodia, the clinic manager can purchase the bundles on behalf of staff and contact us to receive the coupon code for the free bundle! If you are a clinic that does not have a paid membership on Embodia, you can contact us with the information of the 2 accounts that have purchased the bundle and we will assist you.

If you are a large group/clinic, please contact us at to arrange a coupon code specifically for your group.

If you have previously taken 2 or more of these courses but would like to complete the rest of the bundle, email Alyssa at to verify which two courses you have taken. She will give you a special discount code for 25% off of the bundled price. The discounted price will be $525 (plus any applicable taxes).

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