The H.E.R.O.'s Business Course

In this course you will learn everything you need to know about business - from starting a practice to growing it to opening a second location and beyond. This course covers all of the important topics you need to build the foundation of your business.

This course is taught by Andy Belanger, a business instructor with 30+ years of experience including teaching this course across Canada in a series of credited workshops by the Canadian Chiropractic College.

Many business concepts are simply common sense. This course will focus on giving you the foundational principles to run your business. This course makes the general business, accounting and finance process very easy to understand.

Course topics:

  1. Operations
  2. Marketing
  3. Administration
  4. Leadership

This course is open to all health care professionals who are interested in learning and implementing a business system within their practice. Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

About The Instructor:

Andy Belanger, Business Coach

Andy has coached for more than 30 years mentoring, guiding, teaching and developing systems, tools, and techniques to help health care entrepreneurs reach their goals.

Earlier in his career, Andre felt dissatisfied with the quality and direction of business teaching.

What was missing were fundamental and critical basics necessary for short and long term success.

He will show you exactly what to focus on so that you can really succeed as a business owner and a clinician.

Since the death of this father in 1987, using the principles and philosophy of proactive and active care, he created the foundation for a new and exciting approach for clinic owners and teams in optimizing efficiency and positive client experience.

He believes that by solidifying the foundation of a practice/clinic, Teams will be free to maximize their skill, knowledge, and goals, - A successful practice means a healthy economy.

Instructor Name Andy Belanger
Cost CA$249.00
Run Time 6:24:32
Access Duration Indefinite access after purchase