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PT Together: Recordings from the Webinar Series

PT Together: Recordings from the Webinar Series

PT Together: Recordings from the Webinar Series

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With the WHO’s formal declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic, we understand that this is a very challenging time for you, your staff and your patients. The number of confirmed global COVID-19 cases has topped 168,000 (World Health Organization, March 16, 2020). Globally, healthcare systems are working to contain local infection control and disease management, particularly for our most vulnerable people.

The effects of the outbreak are being felt across all industries and in the private sector, including private physiotherapy and healthcare practices, there will be a significant financial strain placed on small businesses.

We've created a recorded webinar series where you can learn from leaders who have worked through challenging environments and would like to share their insights and guidance about how to navigate tough times.

The recordings of each of the PT Together webinars will be posted in this course. It's free to access and you have lifetime access.

Learn, connect, and grow - it is a challenging time and also an opportunity for change - to evolve as clinicians and grow into the new age of physiotherapy and healthcare practice.

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Course Material included in this course
  • PT Together Episode 1
  • PT Together: Recording of Episode 1 with Darryl Yardley, Carolyn Vandyken, Debbie Patterson, & Erson Religioso
  • Feedback
  • PT Together Episode 2
  • PT Together: Recording of Episode 2 with Emma Jack, Connor Massimo, Dr. Shanté Cofield, Antony Lo, Dalton Laino, and William Nicholson
  • Some Resources Shared
  • Feedback
  • PT Together Episode 4
  • PT Together: Recording of Episode 4 with Jerry Durham, Dave Walton, Tanja Yardley, Natasha Wilch, and Josh Williams
  • Feedback
  • PT Together Episode 5
  • PT Together: Recording of Episode 5 with Laura Desveaux, Jennifer O'Neil, and Ailise Byrne (Sun Life)
  • Feedback
  • PT Together Episode 6
  • PT Together: Recording of Episode 6 with Rick Lau, Julian D'Angelo, and Anthony Barone
  • Feedback
  • PT Together Episode 7
  • Slides and Resources
  • PT Together: Recording of Episode 7 with Julian D'Angelo & Dinah Hampson
  • Feedback
  • PT Together Episode 8
  • Free PDF Download
  • PT Together: Recording of Episode 8 with Connor Massimo, Brad Cote, and Heather King
  • Feedback
  • PT Together Episode 9
  • PT Together: Recording of Episode 9 with Dave Walton & Maggie Bergeron
  • Feedback
  • PT Together Episode 10
  • PT Together: Recording of Episode 10 with Darryl Yardley, Bahram Jam, Emma Swaffield, and Ryan Wells
  • Feedback
  • PT Together Episode 12
  • PT Together: Recording of Episode 1 with Kids Physio Group, Ben Fung, and Emma Jack
  • Feedback
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