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How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business or Personal Brand

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How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business or Personal Brand

How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business or Personal Brand

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Expert Series: Episode 14 with Dr. Ben Fung and Jerry Durham 

  • Topic 1: Social Media

Question: What's the #1 social media channel for physiotherapists?

Context: Who are your target customers and how do you reach them in a crowded marketplace?

Social media (and using the right tactics on social media) can be one of the strategies to serve your target customers. It's likely you don't have all day to spend creating, scheduling and posting social media posts, so how do you choose the right platform?

Ben and Jerry discuss what social media platform they use and which one they would choose if they could only pick one.

  • Topic 2: Millennials

Question: Carrot or stick - what do millennials care about and how do you incentivize them?

Context: The social internet is powerful, but it was never going to revolutionize management on its own and that’s where the Millennial steps in.

Attracting Millennials has become the primary concern for local, national and even international companies; however, studies show that turnover is higher than ever before.

Do you know how to attract, hire and retain millennial talent?


This is a HUGE challenge! But in this online course,  Ben Fung and Jerry Durham will provide easy to understand and apply models based on the characteristics we need to nurture to set you on the right path.

What you’ll learn on this course: 
✔ Top social media platforms and how to decide which one to use
✔ The impact that millennials are having on our profession and what the future holds 
✔ How to attract and retain millennials in your practice 
✔ How to use social media to grow your network, practice, and bottom line 



The instructors
Dr. Ben Fung
PT, Co-Founder UpDoc Media

With a previous background in Bioengineering & Psychology, Ben has experienced every level of work in clinical healthcare, from laboring as an aide to serving as a program director; in settings such as major trauma hospitals to rural home care.

His career path has thematically revolved around innovation, business strategy, and public roles. Such roles have provided him substantial experience in organizational behavior, public outreach through news media and national conferences, multiple service line developments, market analysis, and operational optimization to which he has also had the privilege in consulting for venture capitalists, healthcare executives, and small business owners.

Ben is currently the COO & Co-Founder for UpDoc Media as well as CFO & Co-Founder for Recharge, a novel blend of Physio, CrossFit, and Mindfulness.

Jerry Durham

Jerry Durham helps Physical Therapy Practice owners engage patients for great results. Following graduation from Physical Therapy school, Jerry practiced in a variety of settings, inpatient and outpatient, from small independent clinics to large hospitals and from the very beginning, Jerry questioned why there wasn’t an emphasis placed on treating patients as individuals, with unique concerns and objectives and why more effort wasn’t being made to develop true relationships with patients.

Jerry’s experiences in these settings fueled his drive to prove that you can increase arrivals, decrease no shows and cancellations and achieve great results all through the relationship between your clinic and your patients.


Course Material included in this course
  • Expert Series
  • Introduction Questions
  • One Social Media Platform
  • Other Thoughts on Social Media
  • Authenticity on Social Media
  • Millennials and Ownership
  • Culture
  • Concluding Remarks
  • Feedback
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