Birth & Death Of The Pain Engram

About The Course:

In this conference you’ll learn the fundamental principles that govern all types of memory and allow you to identify them and get you a flexible understanding of how to use main concepts in your practice.

The mission of the San Diego Pain Summit is to help clinicians learn ways to create frameworks based on current pain research so they can develop effective pain management programs for their patients. Together we are working to bridge the chasm to develop effective pain management programs for our patients.

This course is part of a multi-disciplinary conference where clinicians learn how to apply current pain research into clinical practice. 

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Who Is This Course For: 
This course is relevant to all healthcare professionals. 

About The Instructor:

Melissa Farmer, Ph.D.

Melissa A. Farmer is a clinical psychologist and pain neuroimager at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. Her human and animal research has bridged multiple disciplines, including neuroscience, sexual medicine, urology/gynecology, psychophysiology, and philosophy of science, in an attempt to understand the mind-body interactions that culminate in the chronic pain experience.

Instructor Name Melissa Farmer
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Run Time 56:45
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