Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in A Manual Therapy Setting

About the Course:

The incorporation of CBT into physiotherapy practice will develop the delivery of the bio-psychosocial model providing a more integrated approach towards patient-centred care.

This online course will ensure a more comprehensive and successful journey for both patient and practitioner. The correct implementation of CBT by physiotherapists within their scope of practice will increase the success of treatment and overall outcome for patients.

The mission of the San Diego Pain Summit is to help clinicians learn ways to create frameworks based on current pain research so they can develop effective pain management programs for their patients. Together we are working to bridge the chasm to develop effective pain management programs for our patients.

This course was recorded at a multi-disciplinary conference where clinicians learn how to apply current pain research into clinical practice.

Who Is This Course For: 
This course is relevant to all healthcare professionals.  

About The Instructor

Alison Sim,  BSc(Clin Sci), MHSc(Osteo), MSc Med(Pain Management)  

Alison has a keen interest in educating health professionals about the latest science surrounding pain, especially pain that hangs around- chronic or persisting pain. 

Dr. Alison Sim trained as an osteopath in Australia and has completed a Masters degree in pain management.  She has been speaking on the topic of pain science and the integration of this knowledge into clinical practice for several years.  She is a firm believer that a good understanding of integrated pain science knowledge is powerful for both clinicians and patients, and that manual therapists are among the best placed practitioners to be implementing such approaches in the healthcare setting. She works in private practice in a chronic pain setting in Melbourne, Australia.

She is currently undertaking a Masters of Pain Management through the Sydney University Medical School and Royal North Shore Pain Management Research Institute. She has lectured at Australian Catholic University, Victoria University, and RMIT in a variety of science and clinical subject. She has also worked as part of the teaching team at Deakin University Medical School.

Instructor Name Alison Sim
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