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Creating questionnaires

Questionnaires are survey-like forms that you can ask your patient to fill out as part of the consult. These can include outcome measures.

By design, they are very generic and you can build them to suit your needs. Their use can vary from a pre-consult assessment form to a post-consult feedback survey to sharing with a patient separate from a virtual consult.

In this lesson, we will review how to share questionnaires with your patients directly. To learn how to attach a questionnaire to a virtual consult, please visit the Questionnaires section of the Telerehab on Embodia course.

To start, you must first set up the questionnaires on your account.

Under HEP, click on Questionnaires.

Questionnaires can be created from scratch or from a template. The templates provided are based on existing outcome measures.

Once a questionnaire is added to your account, you can share the questionnaire with your patients.

Go to My Patients and select the patient you would like to share the questionnaire(s) with. Then click on Progress > Questionnaires.


Here you will see a list of any resources you have already shared with your patient as well as the completion dates and scores:

To send a questionnaire to the patient for them to complete on their own time, click Share a questionnaire and then choose which questionnaire you would like to share. Once shared, the patient will receive an email to notify them of the new questionnaire(s). This email is sent 15 minutes after the practitioner has shared a questionnaire - this is to allow the practitioner time to add multiple questionnaires if they want without overwhelming the patient with notification emails.

To complete a questionnaire with the patient during a session, click on Complete a questionnaire, and then choose the questionnaire. You will then be redirected to the questionnaire form to provide the responses.

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