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Progress diary and patient notes

Patients can taken notes on their program in two locations:

  1. Progress diary
  2. On each exercise in a program

The patient can add entries to the progress diary by clicking on the box # 1 in the image below. The progress diary is just meant for the patient's own use and progress monitoring. Embodia does not send notifications to practitioners for progress diary entries. 

If a patient wants to add notes about a specific exercise in their program, they should go into the exercise (by tapping on the exercise - box # 2 above) and add the notes there. If they added notes this way, Embodia sends the practitioner (if they have not opted-out) a daily email with a summary.

In your settings, you can opt-in to receive a notification at the end of the day letting you know that some patients added notes. This works for both regular programs and free-style programs:

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