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Adding your first patient

Embodia is a digital HEP tool. Your patients can view and tracks their programs under the private and secure patient portal. Just as you sign into Embodia, so too will your patients. We will further explore the patient experience on Embodia in the category 'The patient experience' in this course.

The first step in prescribing a home exercise program is to add a patient.

From your home page, click on Add a new patient.


Fill in the patient information (their first name, last name and email address) and then click Add Patient

The patient will be added to your account. The patient will not yet be notified by email since their account is empty.

The patient will be notified by email when one of the following actions occurs on their account (we will go over each in more detail in this course):

  • You prescribed their first home exercise program, or;
  • You shared with them an education for the first time, or;
  • You prescribed an outcome measure or questionnaire.

When one of the actions mentioned above is completed, the patient will receive an email with details on how to access their account and any information you share with them.


You can also add a new patient by going to My patients and then click on 'Add a patient':

If you have a large list of patients to import, you can use the 'Import patients' button that you can see in the image above.

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