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Prescribing exercises

Once you find the exercise you are looking for, click on the Add button. This button can be found in two places.

1. Next to each exercise in the library:

2. When you click on an exercise to view it:


Click the Add button to add the exercise to your "cart", which is at the top right of your screen. Add as many exercises as you like to your cart:


Once you've added all exercises that you would like to prescribe to your patient, click on your cart. Then click on Create Program:


The final step is to add the instructions for the program. This page will list all the exercises that were added in the previous step.


On this page you can perform multiple tasks:

1. Remove an exercise from the cart by clicking the trash icon:


2. Change the order of the exercises by clicking and dragging the 3 vertical lines next to each exercise:


3. Set instructions for an individual exercise by clicking the edit icon:


4. Set instructions for all exercises missing instructions by clicking Set instructions to exercises missing instructions. This feature will save you time! 


We will go into more detail about setting exercise instructions in the next lesson.

For now, just now that the final step is to click on Send program to patient.

You will be prompted to provide a title to the program. You can keep the default value or change it.


Congratulations! You just sent a program to your patient!

Nothing is set in stone! If you made a mistake or need to edit any exercise program in the future, you are able to do so and we will show you how in a future lesson in this course :)

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