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Setting your own default exercise instructions

Every time you want to prescribe an exercise to your patient, you need to specify a set of instructions (such as daily frequency, duration, sets and reps, etc...). By default, Embodia assumes that exercises should be performed every day for a duration of 3 months, but leaves the rest of the instructions blank.

To override the Embodia default instructions, you can provide your own. There are two types of default instructions:

  1. Default instructions tied to an exercise that would be automatically populated when adding that specific exercise;
  2. General default instructions that would be automatically populated when adding other exercises that don't have default instructions on their own.

Adding default instructions for a specific exercise

When setting the instructions for an exercise, you can choose to save the entered instructions as a default for that exercise by clicking on Save as Default. The next time you are prescribing the exercise, the entered information will automatically be populated in the form.

Adding general default instructions

To add general default instructions, click on Default Instructions under the HEP > Settings tab in the top bar. This page will list the default instructions for any exercises as well as the default instructions you added for specific exercises.

To remove a default instruction, click on the Delete icon. To add/modify the default instructions, click on the Edit icon.

Add your own set of instructions and click on Set Default. From now on, anywhere you are asked to provide instructions, these instructions you added above will be pre-populated by default (you can of course change them for a particular case if the default instructions are not applicable). 

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