The Digital PT School

Next week Holly and I will be traveling to Victoria for the Canadian Physiotherapy Congress where we will present our ideas about the use of technology in healthcare, how we can ease the transition from paper based to tech based practices and where our program 'The Digital PT School' fits in.


We use technology to help make many aspects of our lives simpler and easier. The convenience that technology provides extends to every industry but healthcare has been slow to change. We are in an exciting transition and our profession has the opportunity to lead the healthcare revolution. In our personal lives we have experienced the benefits of apps, the internet of things, smartphones and more; however, we have yet to make this transition in our professional lives. As the co-founder of healthSwapp, I have seen first hand how difficult it is for physiotherapists to make the transition from paper charting, handouts and outcome measures to a more technologically-savvy solution. We need support, training and mentorship to effectively make this transition at the ground level where it will have the greatest impact on our patients and their outcomes.


The Digital PT School will be an online training course that will help physiotherapists understand the value of technology and how to immediately implement it into their practice including in their marketing, branding and sales strategies but above all in their clinical care that directly affects their patients. Using video technology we will teach physiotherapists all of the basics needed to implement technology into their practice. We will teach:

1. Websites that are mobile friendly, what is SEO and how do I use it
2. What is a blog and is it right for my practice
3. How to use email marketing to improve patient education
4. How to create, edit and upload branded videos to my website, social media and healthSwapp f
5. How to efficiently track patient satisfaction and outcomes
6. How to create a social media strategy that runs itself


  • Provide physiotherapists with a 6 part video series to understand the value of technology and the impact it can have on our practice and patient outcomes.
  • Provide physiotherapists with an efficient way to digitize their practice


People look online to source the products and services they are looking to purchase. This is no different in healthcare and we are at the beginning of a transformation in the way that we practice. Becoming a Digital PT will be crucial to move our profession forwards and to strive for excellence in patient care, outcomes and experience. Patients are already digitized. It’s time we catch up.

Target Audience

The Digital PT is for any physiotherapist and healthcare practitioner who is interested in learning how to create online strategies and use technology to improve their practice, save time and improve the patient experience.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below! We will be creating The Digital PT School over the next few months so let us know what you would like to learn about!

Registered Physiotherapist
Co-Founder at healthSwapp