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9 Tips to Pass the Physiotherapy Competency Exam and Succeed in Life

Are you a physiotherapist resident or internationally trained PT trying to get licensed in Canada? Are you feeling stressed, confused or overwhelmed? Looking for some clarity about licensing? Looking to increase your chances of passing the Canadian Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE)? Read this blog for some great tips and updates from practicing Canadian PTs. Let’s get you licensed!

Black Futures/Histories Month: Black Excellence in Canadian Physiotherapy in the Face of Inequity

To honour the accomplishments of Black Canadians, in February, we celebrate Black Futures/Histories Month. Learn about Black History Month, levels of racism, anti-Black racism in the physiotherapy profession and get to know a few Canadian Black-owned PT practices, all-star PTs, and organizations.

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby: Sex & Pain Postpartum

Postpartum sex. It can feel different, better, worse. You might not want to have it, or you might want to have it all the time. It's all completely understandable. We are human, after all. Learn about factors affecting postpartum sex and what can be done to improve and keep it pain-free.

Billions of Years Ago, in 2020, COVID Changed Healthcare & We Launched Our Telerehab

Tired of COVID? Sometimes it feels like it has been here for 65 million years. Learn about the likelihood of future pandemics, current telerehab research and how to start using Embodia’s telerehab platform. Today’s blog also offers a trip down memory lane and some useful telerehab resources for PTs.

Zoom for Healthcare

The general Zoom account are not subject to the same privacy and security obligations that Zoom healthcare requires. Embodia entered into a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with Zoom that lists their obligation to keep Zoom for Healthcare secure and compliant. Read this blog for additional information on how we are ensuring HIPAA, PIPEDA compliance

Incorporating Your Physiotherapy Practice: Why, When & How?

Incorporation, what is all the buzz about? Should you even bother? Learn the basic why’s, when’s, and how’s of incorporation in Canada as they relate to physiotherapists.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Management with Dr. Bahram Jam

One of the most complex joins in the human body is the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). In this blog, we discuss physiotherapy assessment and management techniques taught by Bahram Jam, physiotherapist and Founder of the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI), for the evaluation and treatment of TMJ pain.

The McKenzie Method, Clearing up the Misconceptions

Did you learn about the McKenzie Method in your physio program? Chances are you only heard of it in passing. This blog aims to present the Method and clear up common misconceptions surrounding it.

Stop Throwing Spaghetti at Brick Walls! Why Pain Education Matters

Patient education forms a significant component of modern healthcare but many clinicians have a limited toolkit. We tend to belittle pain education saying that anyone can teach. Learn about the importance of communication and education in healthcare in today's blog.

Do Your Clients (Or You) Pee During Workouts?

A ton of great content about the pelvic floor! What is normal, pelvic floor dysfunction, how to effectively minimize leaking during exercise (especially CrossFit), and more.

As The Physio World Turns: Provincial PCE Update

Wondering what is happening in the physical therapy licensure world today? We are now into the 3rd year without an effective physiotherapy licensing exam to replace the pre-pandemic PCE. Today's update blog briefly outlines what each provincial regulatory body is doing (or not doing) in the face of this continued situation. 

Free Tools for Finding and Using the Perfect Outcome Measure

Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) have many benefits. Learn about their benefits, issues, and how to easily select and use PROMs in your practice.

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