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A Brief Review of 2020

As we close out 2020 and plan for 2021, we are excited for what is to come. This has truly been a year like no other. The healthcare world quickly became an overwhelmingly digital one. Yet as the world moves increasingly digital, our core values remain the same. Our community always comes first. This letter will update you on where we stand, our perspective on progress and where we're headed.

The Most Essential Skills Every Private Practice Owner Must Develop And Hone Right Now

There was a pre-COVID world and there will be a post-COVID world - and the skills, tools, and talent that you need to not only survive, but thrive in this brave new world are different than what was needed before. The new world will be different for all of us - independent contractors, employees, organizations, but most of all clinic owners.

Are Post-Traumatic Headaches and Concussions the Same Thing?

Do you know the difference between a post-traumatic headache and a concussion? Did you know there are different types of post-traumatic headaches? Can you distinguish between a persistent headache and a migraine? This blog outlines how Meaghan Adams uses her expertise in post-traumatic headaches and concussions to conduct effective assessments and provide optimal treatment.

Yin Yoga: Learn Nine Popular Postures to Address Connective Tissue in the Hips, Low back, and Pelvis

Pelvic Health Solutions have created a Resource Package Course on Yin Yoga which addresses connective tissue tension in the hips, pelvic and low back. The course instructor, Amber Morphy, will guide you through all the most popular and effective Yin postures for pelvic pain.

Will Your Healthcare Business Prosper During the 2nd Wave of COVID? It Can With the Hybrid Model of Care

The second wave of COVID-19 is here. Can your healthcare business not only make it but also proper amidst all this uncertainty? It can with the hybrid model of care! Check out this blog to learn more about how to successfully continue doing what you love most, helping others, during a time when your care is more essential than ever.

Virtual Pelvic Health: Women in France Don't Pee Their Pants When They Laugh, Do Your Patients?

Are you a healthcare or rehabilitative practitioner who treats pelvic health dysfunctions? Check out today's blog to find out if you can safely and effectively treat pelvic health dysfunctions virtually as well as to get the answer to the burning question, why do women in France not pee their pants when they laugh.

Business Education: 7 Tips to Make Your Healthcare Business Succeed During COVID

Look around, so many businesses are shutting down because of COVID-19, some may never open again. This blog will review Bill George's 7 Lessons For Leading In Crisis so that your healthcare business not only survives but also thrives. Never waste a good crisis!

K-Taping Basics for Clinical Practice

Have you ever thought about taking the K-Taping certification? K-Taping is a holistic, non-pharmaceutical therapy that is effective for the management of signs and symptoms in a range of clinical conditions. This blog describes some of the introductory basics for the use of K-Taping techniques. Check out this blog to see if K-Taping is the right skill to add to your treatment toolbox.

What is Dermoneuromodulation and How it Can Be a Part of the Solution to Your Patient's Pain

Join Diane Jacobs in this online physiotherapy course where she discusses Dermoneuromodulating (DNM), a manual therapy technique that listens to the nervous system to facilitate change. Beginning with an introduction in the nervous system and pain science, this continuing education physiotherapy course will then dive into the techniques and handling to help your patients.

How to Treat Low Back Pain and Urinary Incontinence in Female Clients Using the Epiglottal Complex

What role do the intertwined intra-thoracic and intra-abdominal pressure systems have in musculoskeletal and pelvic health dysfunction? How do the top & bottom of the respiratory system and alimentary track connect anatomically, neurophysiologically, & structurally? These are some of the questions that Julie Wiebe and Susan Clinton will answer in their new online course for physiotherapists!

Transitioning to Telerehabilitation in the Age of Coronavirus: Top Tips for Marketing Your Telerehab Practice Right Now

Healthcare practitioners: Coronavirus isn't leaving anytime soon. Sorry! Are you trying to adjust to telerehab? Improve your budding telerehab practice? This blog will help you transition to telerehab smoothly or enhance your existing telerehab practice by providing you with amazing marketing tips from the pros.

How to Pass Your Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) Clinical Component, 5 Real Tips!

The clinical component of the Canadian Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE) is coming up! Are you freaking out yet? Stay calm, you got this! Check these 5 tips written by a successful physiotherapist to help you prepare and stay sane! We know we already said this, but we'll say it again: You totally got this!

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