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How Well Do You Know Embodia? Online Physiotherapy Courses and So Much More

Learn what Embodia offers and what practitioners and patients are saying about us. Learn how we can improve your rehabilitation practice. We offer online rehabilitative healthcare courses, home exercise programs, secure telerehabilitation, private academies, messaging, outcome measures, and more.

The Most Essential Skills Every Private Practice Owner Must Develop And Hone Right Now

There was a pre-COVID world and there will be a post-COVID world - and the skills, tools, and talent that you need to not only survive, but thrive in this brave new world are different than what was needed before. The new world will be different for all of us - independent contractors, employees, organizations, but most of all clinic owners.

Online Continuing Education for Physiotherapists during COVID-19: Updates April 28 2020

What are the important questions we need to ask ourselves right now to prepare for an evolving healthcare system, emerging opportunities, and changing consumer expectations? Join us this week as we explore this question with Dave Walton (Friday, May 1 at 2pm EST) and learn how to use digital marketing to acquire and convert more clients to telerehab (Sunday, May 3 at 2:30p EST).

Challenges in Private Physiotherapy Practice with Dr. Aaron Lebauer

With more and more physiotherapists jumping into private practices, attracting new patients has become increasingly difficult. In this blog, Aaron Lebauer discuss some of the challenges in private physiotherapy practice so that we can help you find the strategies that work best for you.

Telerehabilitation on Embodia

Telerehabilitation is an emerging area of practice for physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals. In this blog, we outline how telerehabilitation on Embodia provides an opportunity for physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals to care for their patients virtually and online.

Assessment and Treatment Skills for Telerehabilitation for Physiotherapists

Carolyn and Brittany Vandyken have designed an online course, Telerehabilitation 101: Assessment and Treatment skills for Online Success, to give you a jump-start on evidence-based strategies to assess pain-related distress in

7 Lessons For Leading In A Crisis

It is not breaking news that we are living in turbulent times. Luckily, Bill George, drawing from his many years as a CEO and facing a crisis or two himself, has written the guidebook for handling them. Here, in ten minutes or less, are the 7 lessons to leading in a crisis.

COVID-19 Resources for Physiotherapists and Clinic Owners

Practical information about CERB and other funding sources from Anthony Barone, partner at Baker Tilly, tips on how to protect your clinic (and stay calm)with Rick Lau, and 4 marketing strategies to convert patients to telerehabilitation with Julian D'Angelo

Zoom for Healthcare

The general Zoom account are not subject to the same privacy and security obligations that Zoom healthcare requires. Embodia entered into a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with Zoom that lists their obligation to keep Zoom for Healthcare secure and compliant. Read this blog for additional information on how we are ensuring HIPAA, PIPEDA compliance

The Top 5 Laws of Leadership

What are the qualities of a good leader? How do I develop good leadership qualities? Check about integrating leadership in physiotherapy and learn the top 5 laws of leadership thoughtfully picked from "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" by John C. Maxwell.

What Is Mindfulness and Meditation in Healthcare Practice and Why Does It Matter

Bahram Jam of the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI) and Rachel Donen of Align Physical Rehab provides an overview of mindfulness and meditation, its relation with persistent pain, and the importance of mindfulness in healthcare practice and daily life.

17 Years of Physiotherapy Lessons with a Clinical Scientist

This is a guest blog written by a new member of the Embodia Instructor community, Dr. Steve Shaffer. He is a clinical specialist, educator, and scientist with seventeen years of experience in the physiotherapy profession.

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