RehabTO: Highlights from April 20/16 Event

We had another great RehabTO on April 20 at the Ryerson DMZ. Our exhibitors gave away swag and showed us their products, including Innocare, Muse, Medstack and CrowdBabble.

The evening started with apps, drinks and tasty vegan snacks provided by NONA Vegan. I then spoke about the 3 lessons I've learned building healthSwapp's social media strategy - here's a summary:

1. Half of Communicating is Listening

This is true on social media just as it is in face to face conversations. Building trust through effective communication and facilitating this with the use of technology will allow us to build better relationships with our patients and with our colleagues. We have found Twitter particularly helpful for listening to the healthcare community - to learn more about Twitter and Tweet chats, check out our blog post here.

2. Getting information from the internet is like drinking from a firehose.

Information is no longer a commodity - it's everywhere. Being able to find good content and helping our patients find good content is key.

3. Ask for a date before marriage.

Build a relationship first and show some love before asking for a commitment like time or money from your audience.

Here are the highlights from the speakers of the evening.

Brent Stirling, social media manager at the DMZ, spoke about social media strategy and execution

Then Heather Shantora, president and CEO of Innocare, spoke about their technology and how it's impacting clinical care.

Finally, Andrew Persaud, the marketing and events manager at Muse, guided us through a drop in exercise and explained the relevance of meditation in healthcare.

If you'd like to join us at a future RehabTO, join our Meetup group here.

Registered Physiotherapist
Co-Founder at healthSwapp