Curried Hummus, Meditating and Educating

Another great RehabTO event took place on Thursday March 10/16 at the DMZ in Toronto. Practitioners, students and healthcare startups attended to learn more about the future of our industry. The evening started with networking, exhibitors, locked elevators (there's bound to be a small glitch or two at an event!) and delicious food prepared by the folks here at healthSwapp. Our most popular dish, curried hummus, was featured and Janessa, the MC for the evening, pointed out that we could start our next business selling hummus. One question I get after each RehabTO is 'what's in your hummus?!' So here it is - our recipe for curried hummus - although I have to say that the hummus always seems to taste better when it's been made by Elie, the CTO of healthSwapp who was born and raised in Lebanon.

Meditating with Muse

Laura and Andrew from Muse showed off their meditation headband and led a short relaxation session with our audience. They also contributed 2 Muse meditation bands to our prize give-away. The first went to U of T PT student Hammad Aqeel for the highest engagement on social media using #RehabTO and #HealthTech. Here's what he had to say about winning this amazing prize:
The second Muse headband was not given away during the event but will be announced at the end of this blog. The winner was picked from those who completed our post-event quiz - only 2 attendees scored 100%!

Biggest Learnings

Dr. Glenn Uy, chiropractor and owner of Ossington Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, discussed his philosophy and vision is to empower individuals to take control of their health. One way he achieves this is by treating the patient and not their disease - "treat the person and you will always win."

Matthew Boyd, a physiotherapist working in MSK outpatients in Ottawa, shared his project that he has been working on to help improve the professional development of clinicians all over the world from - PhysioCourse, helping connect clinicians to the right course at the right time. He pointed out that "we read reviews when buying a toaster, so why wouldn't we do the same with the courses we take."

Andrew Levy from Self Care Catalysts discussed self-care solutions for patients and how technology can be a huge help but also a huge barrier for older individuals in healthcare.

Video Highlights
We recorded the whole event so if you missed out you can catch the highlights - videos will be posted later this week.

And the Winner Is...

Now, without further ado, the winner of the second Muse meditation headband is Tesca - congratulations and thank you to all those who filled out the quiz and engaged with us on social media!

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