TechToronto Meetup in Tweets

The #healthSwappTeam headed over to the TechToronto Meetup on Feb 8/16 at the new RBC Waterpark downtown Toronto. While we've been to many TechToronto Meetups, this was one of epic proportions - sold out crowd, an awesome line up of speakers, hover boards, pizza, beer, #TechGoats and networking. We'll sum it all up here from Twitter.

Great demo booths as always and I got a change to try out the @ChooseMuse Brain Sensing Headband.

First up it was Leaky Buckets, Death Stink, & True Love with marketing genius @aprildunford

Then @cye from Uken Games shared his expensive lessons learned building a startup.

@sol_orwell presented on why he says no to raising money and the downside of VC money.

@TranQool did a live demo on stage of their brand new app that helps match patients with the right Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.
@ariel_garten argued why wearable technology is not a trend, it's where technology is going.

@MikeMcDerment closed the speakers portion of the evening: "Your are all apart of something bigger than yourselves" #techcommunity

The after party at @AmsterdamBH, trending #TechGoats, drinks and more networking. Thanks @goldlist and @alexandernorman for a great evening!

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