How to Rock your Climbing Warm-Up

Whether you're new to rock climbing or scaling the wall like a pro, it's important to warm up properly before hand. Rock climbing requires agility, coordination, strength, explosive movements and stability which require your muscles to react quickly, lengthening and recoiling repetitively. Warming up before you hop on the wall helps to prevent injury and improves performance. Follow along with Mark Smith from the Rock Oasis as he goes through his warm-up before climbing.

Mark Smith has been an intensely focused and devoted climber for the last 19 years. His excitement, energy and positive attitude towards the sport of climbing are undeniable and contagious. He is always looking for ways to contribute and grow the climbing community and now offers climbing clinics, private lessons and more. If you're interested in improving your climbing while keeping it fun or just looking to have a great time climbing, send him an email and he'll gladly find a way to make it happen. Mark can be reached at