Rehab TO: Highlights from Our First Event

In November 2015, healthSwapp had the pleasure of hosting the first RehabTO meetup at the Ryerson Digital Media Zone (DMZ) in Toronto. RehabTO is designed for healthcare practitioners, patients and affiliates interested in innovation in healthcare. We were pleased to have over 65 attendees for an evening of conversation, delicious appetizers and learning. We heard from four thought provoking speakers in the health innovation field:
Here's a short recap of the evening and some highlights from each of the speakers.

We learned a lot about some of the new innovations and ways to compliment our practices with technology.

As a clinician, 3 main lessons stood out from organizing and attending a healthcare technology networking event:

1) The nature of healthcare delivery is changing faster than we can fathom.
Whether we like it or not, perspectives are shifting towards the adoption of virtual and mobile healthcare options. In a world where there is an app for everything, it's becoming the norm - if not the expectation. The technology is here - and constantly improving - and patients and consumers expect faster and more convenient access to practitioners and health information. Patients see value in having some control and management over their own healthcare data. For this to happen, the healthcare community needs to value patient engagement as a powerful treatment tool, and collaborate with colleagues and patients to adopt systems that provide secure, fast, convenient, and centralized access and management of health information. There will always be barriers and fears regarding adoption of new ways to practice, but the best way to overcome fear of change is to stay informed on best practices and how to meet industry standards regarding the use of technology and protection of confidential health data.

2) Helping your patients more efficiently, helps you be a more effective clinician.
At the heart of every healthcare innovation is the desire to help our patients improve their health outcomes - innovation does this in two ways.
  1. Inherent in the future of all healthcare innovations is the potential to collect patient information and present it in fast and efficient ways that makes it useful with respects to treatment planning. Being able to see trends and patterns develop, and being able to monitor risk is easier and becomes a valuable tool in a connected environment. It allows for more accurate clinical decision making and easier channels for consultation and education that ultimately benefit the patient.
  2. When healthcare innovations are synchronized and implemented correctly, they have the potential to greatly improve clinical workflow. When redundancy is reduced, and non-clinical aspects of workflow can be outsourced to secure in-house information management systems, clinicians can focus more of their attention on providing first class patient care.

3) Be open minded - you never know who you are going to meet.
This has been true of every networking event I have attended. Unbeknownst to me, I met my new financial advisor and accountant at several technology networking events last year! At RehabTO, I was able to connect with certain individuals and organizations who have now become key contacts and potential partners. If I was looking for a clinical position or had one to offer, RehabTO was a goldmine of opportunity. Fortunately I have more clinical work than I can currently manage, but I was able to connect several colleagues who were looking for new clinical opportunities just by networking with people at RehabTO who had opportunities to offer. It's been a good reminder to be open to talking to anybody (not just physiotherapists!), marketing oneself first and foremost, and to take a chance at a conversation!

In light of the successful turnout at RehabTO's first event, we are excited to announce that the next RehabTO meetup will take place on Wednesday January 20th, 2016 at 7pm at the Ryerson DMZ. We will be joined by CloudDx, eAdvocate and QoCHealth to talk about their exciting contributions and innovation in the healthcare space. RSVP here for an evening of networking, drinks and appetizers and stimulating speakers. Attendance is free for all RSVP's received at least 24 hours in advance. We look forward to seeing you at RehabTO!
Registered Physiotherapist
Business Development Manager at healthSwapp