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Are you Tracking your Patients' Progress?

Fitbits, Misfits, Jawbones and other fitness trackers have become popular - people want to know how much exercise they're doing everyday.

So, what about tracking home exercise programs that we prescribe to patients as part of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, chiropractic treatment?

With current practice we expect our patients to remember what they did and any questions they may have had. Relying on memory though can be challenging and doesn't give the whole picture. Some practitioners may provide a paper exercise diary and these have been shown to help improve adherence. Lorimer Moseley did a study about this in 2006 ("Do training diaries affect and reflect adherence to home programs?") and @AdamMeakins was Tweeting about rehab logs recently:

Training diaries provide a better picture of how much someone has performed and may increase adherence (or performance as we like to refer to it).

An online tracking system is more convenient than a piece of paper for tracking and much harder to lose. This is exactly what we've incorporated on the healthSwapp patient app. Patients can fill out how much they've done, their symptom levels and any additional notes they'd like to take. Check out the video below to see how patients can track their performance and what their therapist can see.