Talking Tech with Dr. Shawn Thistle

Dr. Shawn Thistle is a chiropractor, entrepreneur, educator, speaker, knowledge transfer leader and medicolegal consultant. He has been in practice since 2004 as a Clinic Director at SHAPE Health & Wellness Centre, Toronto where he leads a multidisciplinary team of health professionals including chiropractors, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, nutritionists and strength and conditioning specialists.

Shawn is Founder & CEO of RRS Education. As a practicing clinician himself, Shawn ensures that RRS Education provides practical insight into the rational application of current scientific research to clinical practice. Practitioners are faced with a daunting task of staying abreast of emerging information as the volume of evidence-based information grows. RRS Education content is designed to help bridge this gap by providing weekly reviews of current scientific articles to subscribers in 15+ countries, as well as online courses and seminars!

As a speaker, Shawn blends contemporary research with his entrepreneurial business acumen and experience in clinical practice to provide passionate, high-energy presentations on topics relating to Chiropractic and Manual Medicine to Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Sport Therapy organizations and colleges as well as groups interested in learning about health and fitness.

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Technology & Innovation

1. Are there any blogs, podcasts or websites that you regularly follow?

I have MP3 versions of my RRS Education stream. It's a lot of work to convert the research into voice-overs, edit it and mix it. However, it's popular so I've continued to produce this.

My lack of following/listening to others is not for lack of good options - again, on my list once my schedule permits - there are lots of smart people out there generating a lot of good information.

2. What methods do you currently use to prescribe exercises and to provide education to your patients?

I currently use Phases, which is old and ok, but my personal prescription method is getting my patients to work with a personal trainer at my gym. I find this more effective for most people.

Truthfully, I don't know what the right way is to create an effective, globally applicable way to allow practitioners to prescribe exercises to their patients. And this is the challenge for you in your business.

3. What role do you believe technology can play in rehabilitation for both practitioners and patients?

I think as technology advances, there will be many ways patients and practitioners can use and share technology to advance patient care and rehab. As you know, I think we're all still trying to figure that out in the most efficient manner. However, like in many other areas in life, I think we shouldn't seek technological answers at the expense of personalized, one-to-one care - which still has a huge role to play.

A big shout out to Shawn for taking the time to speak with me about his clinical practice, his passion for research and his thoughts about the use of technology in practice.