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Real World Healthcare Education: Embodia U, Preparing Students for the Future of Healthcare
By: Nataliya Zlotnikov, HBSc, MSc

Educators! We Have Something That Will Save You Time!

We have recently rolled out an exciting extension to the Embodia ecosystem, Embodia U. The U stands for university.

In the blog below we will first discuss the issue of adherence to home exercise programs, then make a brief case for digital home exercise programs, telerehab, and technology in healthcare using current research. 

This discussion will pave the way for demonstrating the relevance and importance of Embodia U. 

If you already understand the importance of these factors, feel free to skip ahead to the section below on Embodia U, "What Is Embodia U."

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Adherence to Home Exercise in Rehabilitation 

We know that not all of our clients follow through with their prescribed home exercise programs. And we are well aware of the detrimental effects that this issue has on clinical outcomes.

Adherence to home exercise programs in rehabilitation is a significant problem; non-adherence can be as high as 50% (Argent et al., 2018).


Why Don't Clients Perform Their Home Exercise Programs? Why?!

Some barriers to the completion of home exercise programs include (Palazzo et al., 2016): 

  • Fear of pain 
  • Inability to fit exercises into daily life 
  • Poor self-efficacy
  • Absence of supervision during learning sessions
  • "One size fits all" program design 
  • A large number of exercises
  • Exercise effectiveness 
  • Exercise complexity 
  • Lack of monitoring from the healthcare provider
  • Lack of feedback from the healthcare provider 
  • Lack of follow-up with the provider
  • Difficulties in contacting care provider 
  • Attitudes of others 


How to Increase Adherence 

Patients tend to adhere more to their programs when they feel that they are being supported by the healthcare providers (Palazzo et al., 2016). 


Age and Adherence 

Relatively younger patients can favour visual and dynamic support that provides an enjoyable and challenging environment and feedback on their performance.  

Relatively older patients tend to favour the possibility of being guided while doing exercises.

Furthermore, recordings of exercises and refresher lessons may improve patient performance (Palazzo et al., 2016).


What Does That Spell?

Digital home exercise programs with two-way messaging of course!

Where do you find that? Where can you get it?

Well, on Embodia, friend.

Our digital HEP and two-way messaging allow you to create tailored programs selecting from our 2,000+ high-definition exercises and educational videos as well as quickly write back to patient comments and share words of encouragement. 


Take a Quick Look at How Embodia for HEP Works in this 1.5 Minute Video:

We won't get much deeper into the HEP conversation here though, but if you would like to know more, check out our blog on the subject, Don't Get Left Behind, Start Using Digital Home Exercise Programs to Improve Patient Outcomes!  

Our Case Has Been Made

We've learned during COVID that telerehab is effective and often even more effective than in-person care (Quigley et al., 2020, Let's Take Our Practices Online! Telerehabilitation Can Transform Rehabilitation).

The research mentioned above shows that digital HEP can solve a great deal of patient HEP adherence issues.

It truly becomes evident that healthcare technology is the way of the future. 


That Is Why We Made Something for "U" 

If you know us at Embodia, you know that we love innovation, we love healthcare, we love technology and we love your feedback. 

That is why we have added a new and exciting extension to the Embodia ecosystem, Embodia U!


What Is Embodia U?

Embodia U is an interactive and dynamic platform used by educators and students in post-secondary institutions such as colleges and universities.

The platform prepares students for the future of healthcare by helping them get the healthcare education they need for tomorrow. 

It is designed for students to use real-world programs to immerse themselves in technology, which they will use once they graduate and are treating real patients. 

If that sounds confusing and vague, bear with us, we'll break down what that means below!


How Can Embodia U Benefit Students

Today's students are the up-and-coming healthcare professionals of tomorrow. 

Embodia U helps students bridge some of the gaps between entry to practice degree programs and the real world of tomorrow's healthcare. 

On Embodia U, students can express their knowledge by designing and distributing home exercise programs.

Students can design digital exercise programs for mock patients.

This includes: 

  • Adding mock patients to their accounts.
  • Uploading exercises (video or images accompanied by text instructions).
  • Accessing a library of 2000+ exercises in the Embodia U library.
  • Creating and prescribing HEPs to mock clients. 
  • Setting HEP parameters (frequency, duration of program, sets, reps, equipment information, etc).
  • Adding notes for mock patients to follow.

Students also gain access to the Embodia Academy library of 1000+ online continuing education courses. 

This entire process allows students to fully understand how technology can be used to support their professional careers while adding to the standard of care for their patients. 


How Can Embodia U Benefit Educators

What do you wish you had more of?

Although we cannot give you a million dollars or a tenure track (congrats if you have tenure), we can help you have more time. 

Embodia U allows educators to: 

  • Set up assessments for students to complete.
  • Monitor assignments and exercise programs. 
  • Define and establish assignments using tags to sort all of your assignments (tags allow you to keep all of your students organized under various topics or weeks as per your instructions).
  • Lock assignments when they are due to allow for no further changes. 
  • Review what students have completed. 
  • Have access to the Embodia Academy library for professional development.


Sounds Great But Still Fuzzy?

If you can't quite get your head around how this might work, please reach out to us. 

We would love to jump on a free demo call with you to answer all of your questions and determine if Embodia U is the right fit for your program!

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Who's Using Embodia U

We’ve helped many students, educators, and institutions as they continue to grow.

Current users of Embodia U include Niagara College and Sault College.

Embodia also serves 31,449+ rehabilitation and fitness professionals, 300 continuing education instructors, and 200+ clinics across 5 continents.

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