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A Brief Review of 2020
By: Your Embodia Team

Change Is the Only Constant

What a year it’s been.

Challenging, exhausting, daunting might be a few words that come to mind. And, at the same time, it was a surreal experience to see how the world can adapt and transform.

We’re proud to have witnessed moments of connection, resilience, and growth across the Embodia community this year.

During a time of reflection for many, consider: What change do you want to see in the world? What’s the change you want to see in yourself?

Let us take the lessons of the past year and begin the new year unified, evolved, and ready for growth.


Evolving Trends in Healthcare

Professionally, a great deal of 2020 was restrictive. Yet despite our inability to physically interact with clients, 2020 was not devoid of the human touch. This year witnessed the adoption of healthcare technology that could be referred to as tech with a human touch. 

Despite being traditionally resistant to change, the world of healthcare adapted to change with unparalleled speed. Driven by COVID-induced shifts, the healthcare industry was now hungry for technology - 2020 saw the adoption of more tech than we have seen in the past decade! Necessity is the mother of adoption.

Some of these trends include:  

  • Widespread adoption of telerehabilitation: Many healthcare regulatory bodies now support telerehabilitation/virtual care.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI):  Scientists used AI algorithms to find a COVID-19 vaccine; AI will continue to be instrumental in managing any future pandemics. AI can also predict the probability of a condition to help practitioners provide diagnosis and treatment plans.
  • Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR):  E-visits using VR allow you to see your loved ones remotely in a more realistic fashion than a video call. These altered realities are also playing an important role in surgeries and the training of healthcare practitioners. 
  • Supply chain and logistics: Simplification and increased efficiency of supply procurement as well as a move towards innovation procurement. 

McKinsey estimates that there could be $100 billion in annual savings in healthcare by leaning on big data as well as the artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to process it. The future of healthcare is intertwined with and inseparable from technology. 

Evolving Trends in Physiotherapy 

As an industry, we will follow the general trends and direction of the rest of the healthcare system, which will include greater use and usefulness of the technology.

2020 specifically was a year in which we came together as a profession. We saw leaders step up across the country including Karim Meghji, Chair of the PPD, Rick Lau, Co-Founder of CallHero, the Ontario Physiotherapy Association, and countless others. This was also the year that we fought hard for our value as a profession within the healthcare industry, resulting in many extended health benefits insurers publicly indicating that they will cover virtual care visits.

Physical restrictions might separate our community, but Embodia committed to providing continued opportunities to meet, learn, and grow together. From March until June 2020, Embodia ran a free PT-Together series where we asked prominent leaders and clinicians in physiotherapy to share their insights, experiences, and strategies.

Black Lives Matter

Started in 2013, after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the current Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement was re-ignited by the very public “modern daylight lynching of George Floyd” by a police officer in full view of horrified witnesses while Mr. George Floyd gasped that he could not breathe—all while 3 other officers stood by in complicity (Royson James, Toronto Star).

The murder of George Floyd unleashed a furor of emotions—especially righteous anger and anguish—in those who have felt unheard, unheeded, silenced, and harmed by racism. This international tipping point has unraveled and exposed the shrouded foundation of societies entrenched in systemic racism and bigotry.

The Embodia team is dedicated to advocacy and addressing the gender pay gap, lack of diversity in medicine and leadership, and most definitely the harms done by systemic racism. We know systemic racism directly affects the social determinants of health, widens economic disparities, and negates the pillars for a fair judicial system.

During the summer of 2020, we ran a 90-minute live webinar titled 'Anti-Racism & Allyship for Rehab and Movement Professionals' with Dr. Jennifer Hutton. This session was recorded and is available on Embodia Academy here.

We also posted several blogs on the topic with the assistance of leaders in anti-racism and allyship:

  1. Anti-Racism & Allyship for Rehab and Movement Professionals
  2. Resources for Deepening Understanding of Racism in the Context of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  3. Resources for Anti-Racism in Healthcare

Embodia Developments Through 2020

Embodia is a knowledge transfer platform where practitioners upgrade their skills and communicate and collaborate with patients.  Practitioners can prescribe exercises and education from experts, make use of a simple monitoring dashboard, record patients in session, and take advantage of online courses on demand and our virtual care platform.
In 2020, we launched a telerehabilitation platform that integrates Zoom for Healthcare with all of the telerehabilitation features needed for small to large practices.

We built telerehab features including:

  • Scheduling
  • Automated patient reminders
  • Consent forms
  • Branding for clinics
  • Outcome measures and questionnaires
  • Satisfaction surveys including the Net Promoter Score
Outcome measures and questionnaires were added so that you can click, share, and view scores (without all of the hastle of email or manually tallying scores).

The outcome measure library now includes:

  • Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS 21)
  • Index de l’incapacité reliée à la douleur
  • Insomnia Severity Index
  • Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS)
  • Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS)
  • Neck Disability Index (NDI)
  • Pain Disability Index
  • Patient Rated Wrist/Hand Evaluation (PRWHE)
  • The Central Sensitization Inventory (CSI)
  • The Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire
  • Upper Extremity Functional Scale (UEFS)
  • Pelvic Health Screening Tool
  • Fibre Diary
  • Bladder Diary
  • Net Promoter Score
  • And the ability to add your own outcome measures and questionnaires (including automated scoring)

Otherwise, across Embodia we saw:

  • 77,940 online courses taken
  • 65,501 exercise programs prescribed
  • 90,171 virtual consults
  • 42,428 shared education

We also launched more than 125 online courses and webinars between March - December 2020 and welcomed more than 30 new continuing education instructors.

Here's What Carolyn Vandyken Says:

Here's What Ginger Garner Says:


Embodia Helps You Help Your Patients

We are not here solely for the clinics and practitioners, our patients are a crucial part of our community - we do it all for them and their health and well-being. Some of our digital patient engagement solutions include the ability to access programs anywhere, access video-based exercises and educational material, virtual care appointments, encouraging reminders and notifications, asynchronous communication as well as a supportive approach to their care.

Here is what we saw for our patients and clients on the Embodia platform in 2020:


What's Next

Clinic Academies

During the Summer of 2020, we launched a new component of Embodia - Clinic Academies, which allows clinics to sell online courses to the general public. Clinics can choose to setup a membership (subscription) offer and/or sell courses individually, and earn 100% of the revenue from their Academy. They can also choose to connect a webinar account and run live webinar sessions, which includes payment and registration features.

Clinic Academies are designed to reflect your brand, helps to diversify your income streams, and provides greater value to your community. You can learn more and book a demo here.

Starting 2021 Off Right

To kick off 2021 on the right foot, join us for a free live webinar to plan your year, learn a new skill, or develop your telerehab know-how:

  1. Mastering Your Mindset with Emma Jack on Jan 7. Details and registration here.
  2. Telehealth: The Vehicle for Rehabbing the Treatment of MSK Problems with Carolyn Vandyken and Sinead Dufour on Jan 11. Details and registration here.
  3. Musculoskeletal Pain – Assessment, Prediction and Treatment with Dave Walton starting on Jan 12 (this is a 6-part series). Details and registration here.
  4. Strategic Planning for 2021 & Beyond with Dr. Ben Fung on Jan 14. Details and registration here.
  5. Embodia's Business Mastermind Series with Frank Benedetto. Episode 3: Discover Their Problems and Aspirations on Jan 20 (this is a series and we highly recommend you register for the full series). Details and registration here.

We'll See You Strong and on the Other Side 

This has been a year like no other. On some days just getting out of bed seemed like a difficult task.  This year truly tested human adaptability and resilience - but we prevailed. We have all accomplished so much and are excited by all the growth and development yet to come. We wouldn’t be here without our instructors, users, shareholders, partners, employees and families. The trust that you, our instructors, members and patients place in us every day is something that we do not take for granted.
We would like to extend a most humbled thank you to you all. We are grateful to have you accompany us on this journey. 
We may not know what 2021 has in store, but as a community, we will remain united, resilient and strong. 
Here’s to a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year,
- Your Embodia Team
Questions? Reach out to us at
PS. Here's a short clip of a great performance by Bahram Jam, PT, D.SC.PT, M.PHTY, B.SC.PT, FCAMT, Embodia Instructor:

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