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New Feature Release: Communication & Connection

Research increasingly shows that patient satisfaction is strongly linked to communication between healthcare providers and their patients.

An elevated patient experience requires the same seamless mobile communication that people are used to throughout their daily lives. And mobile communication is in high demand.

A global study found that 80% of people would like to use their mobile phones to interact with healthcare providers.

This week (June 15, 2020) we have 4 new features to report to our community and they are all centered around communication and connection with patients

Two-Way Messaging (Asynchronous Communication)

This week Embodia has released it's brand new feature that enables seamless communication between practitioners and patients.

Two-way communication is an opt-in feature (meaning you have to turn it on in your account). Here's how it works:


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Patient Report of Exercise Tracking

Patients can now report how many sets and repetitions they did of any exercise that was prescribed with sets and/or reps. It's easy and patients will be cued to report how they are doing:

In the image above, box 1 in dark blue indicates the prescription from the practitioner. Box 2 in yellow is where a patient can self-report how much they completed.

Outcome Measure Analytics

Embodia includes a wide range of outcome measures and the option to add your own. You can also add surveys such as the Net Promoter Score. We call surveys and outcomes measures questionnaires to encompass the entire category.

Outcome measures on Embodia include:

  • Patient-Specific Functional Scale
  • Pain Catastrophizing Score
  • Bladder and Fibre Diaries
  • Neck Disability Index
  • Pain Disability Index
  • The Central Sensitization Inventory (CSI)
  • The Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire
  • And many more

This week we added Analytics to the outcome measures so you can quickly and easily see a snapshot of how your patients are doing. If you are a clinic manager, you can view overall analytics for the clinic and for each individual clinician. 

Clinic Managers go to My Clinic > Telerehab > Consult questionnaires for my clinic; then choose the outcome measure that would like to view analytics for.

At the bottom of the questionnaire you will see the following options:

NB. There will also be a delete button if the questionnaire has never been shared with a patient.

Click on the Analytics button. You can then choose to view Analytics for all practitioners in your clinic or a break down by individual clinicians. Here's an example using the Net Promoter Score Questionnaire:


Calendar View for Exercises Prescribed

You can now easily visualize the exercises you have prescribed to each patient by using the calendar view. This can be found at the bottom of each program page:

By clicking on calendar view as shown above, you will then see a calendar view of the program prescribed. You can switch between 3 different views: Day, Week, and Month:


Value-based, patient-centered healthcare has become the way forward and critical to clinical success. Patients now expect to connect with physiotherapists and other healthcare practitioners the same way they connect with family and friends - efficiently, personally, remotely, on their time, and on their mobile phone or other devices.

For physiotherapists and healthcare practitioners, a good in-app interaction solution gives the provider the tools they need to elevate care, especially when associated with other supportive options including education, exercises, and self-reported outcome measures.

Real-time, in-app interaction solutions like chat, video prescription, and tracking gives patients an immediate, easier, and more intuitive way to follow their home programs and feel connected to their practitioner between in-clinic or virtual sessions. It also saves time by reducing back and forth involved with email and phone tag with clinicians and administrators.

Patients and clinicians can use the chat to quickly and easily communicate about key progress, concerns, or questions about their plan of care and home exercise program (HEP).

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