Talking Tech with Jason Bellefleur

Jason is a multiple award winning physiotherapist, receiving the 2011 Young Business Person of the Year award, the 2012 Healthcare Professional of the Year and the 2014 Business Person of the Year awards from the Orleans Chamber of Commerce. He is a big supporter of his local business community and is the Chair of the Orleans Chamber of Commerce. Jason strongly believes in high quality one-on-one physiotherapy interventions. His treatment approach emphasizes hands-on intervention, continued client education, and active involvement by the individual to help them reach their full potential. He opened a clinic that offers "Higher Standards of Care" almost 2 years ago.

This is the second part of a two part interview I had with Jason. You can find the first part of the interview here.

Technology & Innovation

1. Are there any blog, podcasts or websites that you regularly follow?

  • Dr. Ben Fung's blog has a lot of great business advice for clinic owners - Ben is a physiotherapist with a MBA. He is also the Chief Content provider on the UpDoc Media blog
2. What methods do you currently use to prescribe exercises and to provide education to your patients?

I educate my patients and take a lot of time with my patients to ensure that they understand their role. We currently use software for providing exercise programs but there are some limitations - we either print them out or email the programs to our patients. I also think that it can be stressful and overwhelming for patients if there is too much paperwork.
I've played around with a few other platforms for charting and outcome measures but I haven't figured out how to implement them effectively. I'm looking for an easy solution that consolidates all parts of workflow in my clinic.
3. What role do you believe technology can play in rehabilitation for practitioners and patients?

  • People are doing so much research online when they're looking for a healthcare practitioner and I think that's the best thing ever. I'm confident in what I provide - I know it's just a matter of advertising and marketing my clinic so that the right people can find me.
  • People are being more vigilant with where they go. They are not just blindly following what their doctor is telling them or where they should go. They are making the decision themselves based largely on online research.
  • Data is really important so that we can see where we are performing well and where we can improve as both practitioners and patients.
  • Online booking systems allow for easier, convenient, flexible booking. There are limitations but it also provides a great service for customers.
  • Home exercise program software is going to have a larger role to play because almost everyone, with the exception of some seniors, has a computer, if not a tablet or smartphone.
  • Technology is a tool that can be used to market your practice and to complement the customer experience that you provide. At the same time, human interaction and the in-clinic experience will always be crucial.
  • Having a website is important and it should be designed to reflect your business mission, values and vision.
  • Technology costs money but it has to be looked at as an investment, not an expenditure. This is a mind-shift which comes back to being a PT with a business vs running a business that provides PT services.
  • "We've always done it that way" is the worst quote of all time, we can't continue doing things the 'old' way.


Jason and I discussed what makes a great mentor. Here's what Jason thought:
  • Someone who isn't afraid to share their knowledge. We often hold back when we are sharing and try to protect what we know. We seem to be afraid that our secrets will be revealed and that someone else will take them.
  • Being a good mentor is being there to answer questions and sharing genuine, valuable information.
  • Being enthusiastic and having experience.
  • Being prepared and having consistent meetings with your mentee.
  • For new grads, it is important that you make a stressful part of their career less stressful in a supportive environment.
  • For someone that you hire, they are a reflection of your business so you want to ensure that they understand what you believe in as a business as well as the day to day processes at the clinic.