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New Feature Release: Telerehab Integrations and a New Mobile App


Embodia strives to constantly improve, and we take your suggestions into account. We are constantly releasing new and improved features, to make it easier for you to use Embodia in your daily practice. If you have any suggestions, please let us know at

You asked, and we listened. This blog will go over some of our latest updates and additions. 

1. New mobile app:

The latest version of our mobile app has been released. Make sure to update your app by going to the Embodia app on your phone or tablet for Android here and Apple here.

This app is faster and easier to use for both you and your patients. It also includes an updated version of all of your favorite features including:

  • Quick record patients performing exercises in session (video or image). This is a highly personalized and effective way to prescribe exercises to your patients
  • Privacy and security is top of mind
  • Check-in on your patients' programs and make quick updates on the go
  • Patients can easily view their exercise programs, supportive education, track progress, keep notes, and, most importantly, stay connected with their practitioner between sessions. 

Simpler and smoother, our updated App will make using Embodia in your everyday practice fun!

2. Calendar integration for practitioners using Telerehab

To save you time - Embodia will enter your telerehab appointments into your calendar for you!

Here's how to get it setup:

1) Under your Telerehab Tab, click 'Private Calendar URL'

2) There you will see instructions on how to sync your Embodia Telerehab schedule with your Outlook, Google Calendar, or iPhone/iPad calendar.

3) Click 'Get my private calendar URL' and follow the instructions. 

Your Embodia Telerehab appointments will automatically be put in your chosen calendar. No need to worry about forgetting appointments! 

3. Print-Friendly Version of Exercises

The Embodia community loves video exercises because they are engaging and help patients follow their programs between sessions. Following along with the video ensures that patients can see the movements done correctly. 

However, there are times when written or printed exercises are needed. Embodia has created print-friendly versions of the Embodia exercise library which you can find by clicking on the Print icon next to exercises.

When you create your own exercises, you can now create your own print-friendly version too! It's simple - add as many written steps as you need, with images taken directly from the accompanying video.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn how it works:


Now you can easily print professional exercise handouts as you need and you can provide your patients options to meet their needs.

4. Public Exercise Pages to Promote your Content:

Embodia can make a public link for your exercises so that you can link from your website to your exercises on Embodia. This is a nice simple way to provide some samples of any exercises that you create.

Here are some examples of Public Exercise Pages that promote a clinician's great work:

Example 1: Dr. Shalini Bhat from The Movement Boutique:

View the public page here.

Example 2: Dr. Bahram Jam from the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI) and Athlete's Care


View the public page here.

Example 3: Carolyn Vandyken of Reframe Rehab and Physio Works Muskoka

View the public page here.

If you are interested in promoting your exercises, let us know and we can help!

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