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Telerehabilitation on Embodia


Telerehabilitation is an emerging area of practice for physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals. Because of extenuating circumstances that started to worsen the week of March 9, 2020, Embodia decided to forge ahead and create a cost-efficient and simple telerehabilitation platform. However, telerehab is a relatively new area with limited published best practices and each therapist and clinic needs to decide if telerehab is right for their practice and which patients on their caseload could benefit from a virtual visit.

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve rapidly, we will update you with new resources and best practice guidelines that are published by trusted sources. Telerehabilitation provides an opportunity for physiotherapists and rehabilitation professionals to care for their patients anywhere.



Telerehabilitation on Embodia is simple and free for our members, so any physiotherapist or rehabilitation professional can provide care to their patients remotely. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we live in unprecedented times and are charting unknown waters, but we are charting them together. Embodia is here to support its community of 18,000+ healthcare professionals so they can keep the virtual lights on during a challenging time.

In this blog, you will learn how telerehabilitation on Embodia works for both practitioners and patients.


The Technology:

Embodia is a secure, private platform which provides:

  • Digital home exercise programs (HEP)
  • Free telerehabilitation for Embodia Members.
  • Online continuing education
  • Live online webinars
  • Private Academies (private learning management systems) for organizations, hospitals, and clinics


We use Zoom as the underlying technology for Telerehab on Embodia. We provided a short description of this lesson.

To summarize, the general Zoom meetings are not HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant, but larger organizations can sign an agreement with Zoom to make the platform compliant (and Embodia got into this agreement with Zoom). Here are some resources on the Zoom website:

So as long as you're an Embodia member (subscription is only $15/month or $13.50 on our annual plan or $11.25/month for Canadian Physiotherapy Association members), your Zoom account will fall under the Embodia parent account, which by default enables HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant settings.

Zoom does not record or store any part of the consult. You, as the provider, do have the option to record the consult on your local computer, but you will be responsible for handling this recording in the appropriate manner. Embodia stores the name and email of the patient, the date and time of the scheduled consults.

Learn more with Embodia!


The Practitioner Experience:

Embodia provides simple, secure access to virtual consultations for patients and practitioners. Embodia uses Zoom for Healthcare as its underlying platform, which is both HIPAA, PIPEDA, and PHIPA compliant. Consultations can be completed online through the mobile-friendly web portal which allows patients to access their consultations, exercise instructions, and education materials in one convenient location.

Embodia’s monthly membership includes unlimited access to our telerehabilitation services. This allows practitioners to complete one-on-one video consultations with no time restrictions or daily maximums. Our premium membership includes unlimited group consultations up to 300 participants with no time restrictions, and can be shared between multiple practitioners in the same organization. Learn more about group telerehabilitation here.

Embodia offers a streamlined process for booking consultations, obtaining consent, and completing virtual visits. With administrative tasks minimized, practitioners can spend more time caring for patients, increasing revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Key Organizational Benefits of the Embodia Telerehabilitation platform include:

An organization can choose a variety of administrative control and setup on Embodia including the configuration of the parent company with complete administrative control, regional manager functionality, and individual clinic set up to provide clinic managers with administrative control of their clinic. Organizations using Embodia benefit from the following:

  • Corporate branded patient emails, consent forms, and education;
  • Unique platform design simplifies the transition from a physical to a virtual clinic;
  • Increased options for oversight and quality control;
  • Free Clinic Administrator accounts to provide central scheduling and administrative support while limiting access to patient data;
  • Automatic metric generation across the entire organization and ability to generate statistics based on the user type including the organization, regional manager, manager, and practitioner;
  • Statistics and metrics including: attendance records for practitioners and clinics, program prescription rates, practitioner last login date, patient adherence, outcome measures, patient self reported notes on their HEP, and patient usage of Embodia;
  • French and English translations of content including the customizable email templates;
  • Option for clinic managers to purchase courses on Embodia Academy on behalf of their staff members;
  • Ability to integrate with your patient portal for ease of use.


The Patient Experience:

Patients have their own unique login on Embodia. In their account they can see any information their practitioner has prescribed to them (HEP), online consults, shared education, and complete any outcome measures prescribed by their therapist.

The patient can see all their scheduled consults on their portal, by clicking on the Telerehab tab in the sidebar. When the time comes to join the consult, the patient clicks on the start time of consult entry to go to the consulting page. In the consulting page, the patient clicks on join consult. Embodia will also send 2 reminder emails to the patient if the consult is scheduled well in advance.


Embodia For HEP:

Embodia provides patients with easy access to their home exercise prescriptions from free mobile apps (Apple and Android) and online. A simple interface with clear instructions guides patients through a program tailored by their practitioner during a visit.

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Through telerehabilitation (virtual consults or telrehab) features, it becomes easy for members to schedule an online consult with the patient at any time and here is also an easy process for cancellation. Everyone should have access to telerehabilitation. Cost and complexity should not be a barrier.

Embodia is appropriate for all telerehabilitation professionals who are interested in providing online consultations to their patients.

Telerehabilitation is included in the Embodia Membership.

Becoming an Embodia member means you get the following benefits:

  • Telerehab platform for:  
    • unlimited consults and unlimited length of sessions. 
    • Group sessions with more than 1 patient (additional $30CAD/month fee).
  • Full subscription to the Embodia home exercise prescription software and exercise library.
  • Full access to an extensive free library (40+) of ‘member only’ courses with 2-4 new ones added each month.
  • Invitation to our free monthly ‘members-only’ webinars hosted by an Embodia instructor.
  • Monthly ‘member only’ discount days (10-100% off) on premium level courses.


Clinics have the following additional features and benefits:

  • The ability to create their own clinic library of exercises/patient education (video, text, images).
  • The ability to 'share' patients so multiple clinicians/trainers can see what the patient has already been prescribed and how well they are doing.
  • The clinic manager/owner has the option to purchase courses on behalf of their staff.
  • The clinic manager/owner can view overall statistics and insights into clinic activity (patients added, number of programs prescribed, number of exercises prescribed, etc.).
  • The clinic manager/owner can manage subscription payments, add/remove therapists, add telerehab accounts.


Telerehabilitation Resources for Physiotherapists:

Jurisdiction Organization Resource
Canada Canadian Physiotherapy Association Tele-Rehabilitation
Canada Alliance of Physiotherapy General Guidelines
Canada Alliance of Physiotherapy Out of Juristriction Practice
B.C. College of Physical Therapists Guidlines for Tele-Rehabilitation
A.B. Physiotherapy College and Association Telerehabilitation Resource Guide
S.K. College of Physical Therapists Practice Guideline - Telerehabilitation
M.B. College of Physiotherapists Telerehabilitation Resource Guide
O.N. College of Physiotherapists Tele-practice: Guidelines and Resources
O.N. College of Registered Physiotherapists Implementing Electronic Practice
Q.C Professional Order of Physiotherapy Principles in Tele-practice (FN)
Q.C. Professional Order of Physiotherapy Blog post regarding COVID-19
N.B. College of Physiotherapists Links to Alberta's guidance
N.S. College of Physiotherapists Considerations for Telepractice
N.L. College of Physiotherapists Using Telerehabilitation


About Embodia:

Embodia is Canada's largest online education learning platform for physiotherapists and healthcare professionals. We believe that learning is an ongoing process and the best way to remain passionate and effective as a practitioner is to open yourself up to new techniques, methods, and beliefs. Embodia gives you all the accredited continuing education you need to stay up to date on the latest treatments and advances from the comfort of your own home. Increase compliance and minimize patient discharge with the Home Exercise Program app and an all-star line-up of instructors that will teach you the business side of being a successful PT so you can speed up your career to become a well respected, in demand, and well paid PT who patients love.

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