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New Feature Release: Symptom Tracking

A Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) is a subjective outcome measure where a patient is asked to rate their pain or symptoms on a scale from 0-10 (0 being no pain at all and 10 being the worst imaginable pain). From the patient's perspective, this spectrum appears continuous ± their pain does not take discrete jumps, as a categorization of none, mild, moderate and severe would suggest.

Recently, it has been debated whether or not the VAS should be used in patient care since it causes a pain/symptom focused approach rather than a function/ability approach.

Therefore, we have left it to you, the expert responsible for your own clinical decision making, to decide if you would like to use the VAS with each patient and with each program prescribed.

You now can turn on/off the Visual Analogue Scale for each patient and each program prescribed. 

When prescribing a program, there is a checkbox to indicate if the patient should track symptom level. See the image below:



This can be changed once the program is prescribed (and is still active, i.e. the end date is in the future). See image below:



A Few notes:

  • If multiple programs are prescribed to a patient at the same time, the VAS will be shown if at least one program has the VAS tracking on. So for the VAS to be off, ALL the prescribed programs must have the VAS off.
  • The checkbox initial state (checked or not checked) will be the same as the last program prescribed. If for the last program that you created you checked the checkbox, by default when you load the form to create a new program, that checkbox will also be checked and vice versa. And of course you can change its state before clicking on Prescribe.

To learn more about Embodia for Home Exercise Prescription, watch the video below:


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