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How the Right Support Can Lessen Suffering

Joanne Smith runs a successful nutrition business specializing in providing optimal nutritional health for people with neurological conditions (spinal cord and brain injuries), digestive dysfunction and weight loss. Her expertise in the disability community comes from her personal experience of living with a spinal cord injury for thirty years.

“Coming from someone who’s been through it, validates it.”

After sustaining a spinal cord injury thirty years ago, Joanne Smith dedicated her career to raising awareness of the issues concerning people with disabilities. Joanne is a nutritionist, among many other professions, and provides insight on how to optimize your nutritional diet in order to avoid secondary health risks for people with disabilities.

Watch the interview below to listen to Joanne’s story:

  • Her history with the Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and the connection she has built with them over the years.
  • The importance of facilitating certain activities for people with disabilities.
  • Her advice for physiotherapists entering the field, and to treat their patients with understanding and compassion.
  • The acknowledgment that patients are people, and that the recovery process varies with each person and to learn how to utilize your role as a physiotherapist to motivate your patients.
  • The significance of timing - injuries are constantly evolving, however, treating them is a process that must be executed carefully and with patience. 


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