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70+ free online courses
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Option to add on a Clinic Academy

Great up to date clinical information, courses, collaboration and professional team building! Also, thank you so much for your online courses. Travelling and the costs of missing work to take physio courses is very expensive. As a Mom of 2 children juggling full time clinic work and running my own pelvic floor physio clinic, I MUCH appreciate online content.

Corinne Wade

We came across Embodia's telerehab platform during the early stages of COVID-19 as we needed to have our team members able to manage their caseload online. Not only was Embodia's price point super competitive, but Embodia has been great to work with. Their platform is also intuitive and there are so many extras. Extras include templates for consent forms, the ability to develop and monitor exercise programs for your patients, along with the ongoing educational opportunities for health care providers. For us, Embodia's telerehab platform has been a big bang for our buck.

Kregg Ochitwa
North 49 Physical Therapy

I definitely reccommend Embodia👍I am only a recent member with my private practice and joined when starting to offer Virtual treatments for my patients during the intial part of the Covid pandemic. I am an old manual therapy dog so to say and not the most technical with equipment other than my hands and maybe a blender for a good margarita LOL but when I needed help Maggie was there and her team I have to say is amazing. They guided me throught the set up for my private practice and when my clinicians needed support for their virtual physio sessions they were always there for them. 😀🤩

Heidi Gerber

As a clinician, Embodia has made my practice infinitely more effective in how I distribute home exercise and education to my patients making it easier for them to review, log and succeed in meeting their goals. It also differentiates me from other practitioners as patients love how easy it is to stay on track. As a continuing education platform Embodia is nothing short of engaging, convenient and affordable quality education - the community of practitioners I have been able to stay connected with is an added plus. Love this product!

Holly Mitchell

I would be lying if I said that I love technology and when I graduated PT school, technology was minimal in our schooling and how we provided PT to our patients. It’s taken me a while and Covid definitely gave me nudge I needed to bring my practice forward. I’m so grateful for all the support from Maggie, Elie and the entire Embodia staff as I work to evolve my practice in the digital world. I couldn’t have done it without you and I look forward to many more years to come.

Sarah Wong

I highly recommend the Embodia program.  Continuing education is at your finger tips, not to mention, there are fantastic discounts on courses if you are a CPA member.  I started to use the exercise program in my clinic this year--clients love the reminder notifications to do their exercises and the ability to access their programs on their phones.  Maggie and her team are very responsive to questions and are doing a fantastic job!  Thanks, guys!!

Lee-Anne Kemp

Exclusive benefits for clinic memberships only

  • Create a clinic library of exercises and patient education
  • Clinicians can share patients for consistency of care
  • Purchase premium courses for your team
  • View statistics and metrics on team usage
  • Upgrade to a Clinic Academy Pro account to generate an additional revenue stream

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