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Whether you’re a solo practice, small clinic, or multi-clinic enterprise, Embodia is designed to improve collaboration, efficiency, and patient satisfaction

Give your team the gift of education

All Embodia memberships come with 130+ free online courses and discounts on different premium courses every month. Clinic managers have the option to purchase courses for their staff and clinicians can complete courses on their own time and pace.

Thank you to the team at Embodia for working so hard to provide a quality platform to manage clients, provide virtual care, and support continuing education. Everyone on our team benefits from using your platform and the services you provide.

Ryan Sleik, Physiotherapist

Build a clinic library of exercises and patient education

Clinics using Embodia for HEP have additional features. Clinics can build libraries of exercises and patient education (that are private to the clinic), share patient profiles, and collaborate on patient programs.

Offer unlimited virtual appointments

Embodia’s telerehabilitation platform is included with Tier 2 and 3 Memberships. Each therapist can enable their own telerehab account, allowing them to see patients virtually. Group telerehab capabilities are available for an additional fee.

Develop a clinic library of questionnaires & outcome measures

Just like patient exercise and education libraries, clinics have the ability to create an unlimited clinic library of questionnaires. Use templates from the Embodia library including outcome measures, intake forms, and screening forms. Or, build your own from scratch!

A complete practice management system and EMR

Chart, schedule, invoice, bill, and offer online booking. All from one platform and with one low monthly fee. View and generate a wide range of useful reports to keep your business running smoothly.

Being a member of Embodia has facilitated and opened the door for me to continue providing quality physiotherapy consults virtually using Embodia’s platform (with the amazing team and clients at InsideOut Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic). Embodia’s high quality and varied webinars and courses have continued to keep my passion for lifelong learning alive and current. The Embodia team are skilled at what they do and they provide wonderful support in a personable and friendly way!

Shelley Goetze O'Connor, Physiotherapist

Clinic managers can manage, view, and track metrics

Clinic managers have additional features that help them collaborate with their team. Manage content being uploaded including exercises and patient education. View and manage consults, track usage & utilize a wide range of reports.

Clinic admin accounts are free and unlimited

Add clinic admins to your clinic for free. Clinic admins can manage clinicians' schedules, book, and assist patients. Clinic managers tailor permissions for each clinic admin.

I have been using Embodia for over a year now for our clinic and it's been great. It's so easy to use and customize. The clinic admin login lets me see everything I need to help things run smoothly. This includes viewing and editing schedules and availabilities, accessing clinic settings, patient information, and billing. The customization of services, flexible online booking, and questionnaires have been invaluable. It's both easy and efficient to use!

Kristen Lee, Clinic Admin

Clinic memberships include progressive discounts

Clinic memberships help teams collaborate. Clinics receive discounts based on the number of clinicians using the platform. A seamless onboarding process with email support ensures that practitioners get started quickly and easily.

Optional add-ons for clinics on Embodia

Embodia offers clinics and organizations two optional add-ons. Private Academy, a branded learning management system (LMS) to host private online courses for their team. Clinic Academy, a branded LMS to host and sell courses and/or memberships to patients and the general public.

You’re in good company!

Thousands of clinics are already enjoying the many benefits of Embodia, including:

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Streamline your practice.

Chart, schedule, bill, prescribe HEP, and run your whole practice on one platform. Subscribe to Embodia today and start enjoying all it has to offer at an affordable, monthly price.

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