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Turn your expertise into a thriving business by selling your courses directly to patients

Maximize your brand excellence, diversify your income streams & provide greater value to your community

Create and sell your online courses to consumers with Embodia.

Get access to Embodia’s powerful all-in-one platform

Robust learning management system
Simple tools to build your online courses
Complete analytics dashboards
Connect your stripe account & get paid every time you make a sale
Quizzes, exams, surveys to assess learning
Interactive course design

Used By

Kids Physio
Yoga MD

How it works

  • Add a Clinic Academy to your Embodia Clinic Account
  • Learn how to develop, build, and sell courses in our train-the-trainer online courses
  • Use the simple course builder tools on Embodia to launch your first course
  • Connect your Stripe account to seamlessly get paid everytime someone purchases your course
  • Make informed decisions with thoughtful, real-time insights using your course statistics

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