Research Summary: Patients' Perspective of Home Exercise Programs and the use of healthSwapp

This research was completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for an MScPT degree at the University of Toronto. This study explored the experiences and perspectives of physiotherapy outpatients with respect to their home exercise programs (HEPs) and how the use of healthSwapp affected the integration of HEPs into daily life.

The 5 lessons I’ve learned building, managing and growing a PT Tech startup

Over the past year and a half of building my company, I‘ve come to realize that many of the lessons I’ve learned building a business have been similar to what I’ve learned in the woods. Just like hiking, starting a business is a process that requires planning, passion and a deep understanding of the terrain. Here are the top five lessons that I’ve learned so far.

healthSwapp: A year in Review

We've had a fantastic year at healthSwapp and we're excited for what 2016 holds. Here are some of the highlights from our year.

Connecting and Integrating: A Physiotherapists' Journey into the World of Technology

Here's why I decided to co-found healthSwapp. This article was printed in Physiotherapy Today, the Ontario Physiotherapy Association's magazine.