#ChangeMaker: Rick Lau

This week's Change Maker is Rick Lau. He's an entrepreneur who loves healthcare and SaaS. He's the Founder Call Hero Clinic Supplies Canada & PT Health. He helps clinic owners who are serious about scaling their healthcare business through #clinicaccelerator and is organizing the first ever Canadian Rehab Business Summit

A Time Capsule, by Carolyn Vandyken

Carolyn Vandyken, co-founder of Pelvic Health Solutions, tells us what she would include in a time capsule if she could send her herself a few items at the time of graduation from physiotherapy school.

A Letter to My Younger Self, by Nicole Sullivan

Nicole Sullivan is a Physiotherapist and the proud co-owner of [mend]physio in Toronto. We asked her “if she could fill a time capsule and send it back to herself at the moment of graduation from PT school, what would she include?” She was inspired by the players’ tribune articles in which athletes write letters to their younger selves. So here it is, a letter to her younger self.

Talking Mindfulness and Yoga with Neil Pearson

In this interview, Neil discusses his plans for the future, his biggest 'Aha' moment and new research on yoga and mindfulness.

One Question Interview: Jack Miller

Jack Miller, a Mulligan Concept instructor and partner in Body Mechanics Physiotherapy in London, ON, answers our One Question Interview: "What are the 5 things you would tell a new physiotherapy graduate"

One Question Interview: Rochenda Howard

Rochenda Howard, owner of BET PhysioPilates in Toronto, answered our One Question Interview.

One Question Interview: #PhysioCongress 2016

We asked thought leaders, experts, researchers, instructors and physiotherapists at the 2016 Canadian Physiotherapy Congress a One Question Interview, here's what they had to say.

One Question Interview: Jodi Steele

Jodi Steele, a physiotherapist, lecturer, professor, founder of Cancer Rehab Inc., and continuing education course instructor, answers our question: If you could practitioners 5 things, what would they be?

Talking Clinical Education with Sarah Wojkowski

Sarah is the Director of Clinical Education for Physiotherapy at McMaster University and took time out of her busy day to sit down and tell me what she's been up to.

Talking Tech with Sarah Wojkowski

Sarah is the Director of Clinical Education for Physiotherapy at McMaster University and took time out of her busy day to sit down and tell me what she's been up to. This is part 2 of a 2 part series.

One Question Interview: Julie Wiebe

Julie Wiebe - a physical therapist who specializes in diaphragm and pelvic floor integration in her clinical practice and in the innovative courses she teaches - answers our one question: "If you could tell your patients 5 things what would they be?"

Paving the Way for Aquatic Rehab in Canada

Alison Bonnyman, the founder and lead instructor for the Canadian Aquatic Rehab Instructors (CARI), shares her story about going from clinical physiotherapy to research to founding the first aquatic rehab institute for therapists in Canada. Alison's exercises and course materials can be found on healthSwapp.

One Question Interview: Kim Vopni

Kim Vopni, The Fitness Doula, answers our one questions: "If you could tell your patients 5 things, what would they be?"

One Question Interview: Richard Rosedale

Richard Rosedale, an instructor with The McKenzie Institute of Canada since 2001, answers our One Question: "If you could tell your patients 5 things, what would it be?"

One Question Interview: Barrett Dorko

Barrett answers our one question: "If you could tell your patients 5 things, what would they be?"

Talking Tech with Dr. Shawn Thistle

This is the 2nd part of my interview with Shawn where we chat about the use technology in healthcare.

Talking Research with Dr. Shawn Thistle

Shawn and I sat down to discuss his clinical practice, his passion for research and his work as a medicolegal consultant. This is part 1 of his 2 part interview.

One Question Interview: Pete Moore

Pete is a patient and advocate for chronic pain management through the Pain Toolkit concept and patient education. He answered our one question interview with 5 valuable questions patients should ask their healthcare practitioner.

One Question Interview: Stuart McGill

Dr. Stuart McGill answers my one question - if you could tell your patients 5 things, what would they be? My favorite: "No therapy will work unless you address the cause."

One Question Interview: Greg Lehman

Greg Lehman - a physiotherapist, chiropractor, strength & conditioning expert and educator - answers our one question.

One Question Interview: Debbie Patterson

Debbie is an experienced clinical physiotherapist and teaches a variety of post graduate education courses to practitioners about persistent pain & the brain. I had the opportunity to hear Debbie speak at the APTEI symposium in Toronto where she answered my one question.

One Question Interview: René Pelletier

René is an experienced athletic therapist and osteopath. Currently, he's doing a PhD to investigate neuroplasticity as it relates to chronic musculoskeletal conditions and pain. I had the opportunity to hear René speak at the APTEI symposium in Toronto.

Talking Tech with Jason Bellefleur

This is the second part of my interview with Jason Bellefleur - the owner of Bellefleur Physiotherapy. Jason and I talked about the use of technology in practice and the potential for us to complement what we provide with online platforms.

One Question Interview: Sam Steinfeld

Sam Steinfeld is an experienced physiotherapist and instructor for the NeuroOrthopaedic Institute (NOI). Sam has extensive postgraduate training in orthopaedic physiotherapy and pain neurobiology and physiology.

The Business of Physiotherapy with Jason Bellefleur

Jason and I sat down and talked about the need for physiotherapists to start to understand how and why building a business that provides physiotherapy services is crucial to serving more people, instead of being a physiotherapist who has a business.

One Question Interview: Angela Hanscom

Angela is a pediatric occupational therapist, author and founder and CEO of Timbernook - an innovative nature-based developmental program designed to foster creativity, imagination and independent play in the great outdoors.

One Question Interview: Lorimer Moseley

We are kicking off this series with a bang! Lorimer Moseley answers our ONE question. Click on the post to find out what the question is and what Lorimer had to say.

Talking Tech and Mac with Dr. Patty Solomon

This is Part 2 of 2 of my talk with Dr. Patty Solomon. In this part of our discussion we talk all things tech in rehab and what the Mac PT program is all about.

Chatting with Dr. Patty Solomon

I sat down with Patty at McMaster University to discuss her career, learnings and lessons, and what she's looking forward to over the next year.

Having Coffee with Dr. Bahram Jam

We spoke with Dr. Bahram Jam, founder of the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI), about his professional life, what he's excited for in the future and how he believes technology can compliment physiotherapy.