Research Summary: Patients' Perspective of Home Exercise Programs and the use of healthSwapp

This research was completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for an MScPT degree at the University of Toronto. This study explored the experiences and perspectives of physiotherapy outpatients with respect to their home exercise programs (HEPs) and how the use of healthSwapp affected the integration of HEPs into daily life.

The 5 lessons I’ve learned building, managing and growing a PT Tech startup

Over the past year and a half of building my company, I‘ve come to realize that many of the lessons I’ve learned building a business have been similar to what I’ve learned in the woods. Just like hiking, starting a business is a process that requires planning, passion and a deep understanding of the terrain. Here are the top five lessons that I’ve learned so far.

How to Start Using Patient Reported Outcome Measures

Patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) help practitioners collect quantitative data to improve patient centred care, but most practitioners report it's time consuming and difficult to analyze. We've included the patient specific functional scale on healthSwapp to make it easy for you and your patients.

A Peak into Canada’s First Living Lab for Rehabilitation Research

This post comes from Soukaina Paquin, a physiotherapy student at Université de Montréal, who was inspired by a project she participated in recently.

What do your patients see on healthSwapp?

healthSwapp is a mobile app where patients can access their personalized home exercise programs, track their progress, symptom levels and functional goals. Here's what they see when you prescribe to them.

The Digital PT School

We will be traveling to Victoria next week for the Canadian Physiotherapy Congress. They will be presenting their ideas about the Digital PT School - let us know what you think!

RehabTO: Highlights from 10.03.2016

For the first time we had exhibitors & prizes at RehabTO including 2 Muse meditation headbands. We heard from 3 great speakers and as always there was plenty of curried hummus.

How to Stop and Restart a Program on healthSwapp

Here's a short video describing one of our new features.

Driving Digital Change: Transitioning to Electronic Medical Record systems

Is it time to move your practice into the 21st century? Here are 8 questions you should consider as you transition to an EMR system.

TechToronto Meetup in Tweets

#TechTO #Network #Speakers #Ideas #TechGoat #Pizza #Beer #TechCommunity

How to Rock your Climbing Warm-Up

Mark Smith from the Rock Oasis in Toronto runs us through a warm-up for rock climbing.

Stretch Yourself: Start Innovating Today

Practitioners are well positioned to contribute to the inevitable healthcare revolution - whether it's by testing a new solution, implementing technology in practice and helping others learn how to use it, creating a solution, joining a startup on their journey or contributing to the discussion online or in meetings.

Driving Digital Change: Protecting Personal Health Information

Moving healthcare online is an important step in improving clinical workflow & achieving outstanding patient care and outcomes. However, "history has shown that medical innovations are frequently accompanied by new risks. Accordingly, physicians [and healthcare practitioners] must keep the potential for harm to patients in mind and must actively manage the potential liability risks" (Neal D. 2011)

Rehab TO: Highlights from Our First Event

In November 2015, healthSwapp had the pleasure of hosting the first RehabTO Meetup at the Ryerson Digital Media Zone (DMZ) in Toronto. RehabTO is designed for healthcare practitioners, patients and affiliates interested in innovation in healthcare. Here's a short recap and some of the highlights from the evening.

Talking Tech with Sarah Wojkowski

Sarah is the Director of Clinical Education for Physiotherapy at McMaster University and took time out of her busy day to sit down and tell me what she's been up to. This is part 2 of a 2 part series.

5 Quick Steps to Start Recording and Uploading your own Exercise Videos

Making exercise videos doesn't need to be expensive or time consuming. With the right processes in place, you can be up and running with your first video in a matter of minutes.

Are you Tracking your Patients' Progress?

Helping our patients succeed is a rewarding part of our job as rehabilitation practitioners. One way to amplify success is to measure it. healthSwapp allows patients to measure their progress and communicate this information to their practitioner.

Talking Tech with Dr. Shawn Thistle

This is the 2nd part of my interview with Shawn where we chat about the use technology in healthcare.

One Question Interview: Pete Moore

Pete is a patient and advocate for chronic pain management through the Pain Toolkit concept and patient education. He answered our one question interview with 5 valuable questions patients should ask their healthcare practitioner.

Which Social Network is Best for my Healthcare Practice?

Not sure what network to join or to spend some time building a professional profile on? Check out these stats and resources on the top 4 social media platforms for practitioners and patients

How Interactive Patient Education Can Change Your Practice

Most patients will forget what we tell them and lose what we give them, so how do we know that they're getting the most from their clinical sessions and achieving their best results?

4 Must Read Blogs for Busy Clinicians

Here are 4 blogs to follow that provide practical and applicable tips for physiotherapy and rehabilitation practitioners.

The Top 4 Podcasts for Busy Clinicians

Podcasts are a great free way to learn at anytime during your day - whether you're commuting, walking the dog or cleaning the house. Here are 4 awesome podcasts to start listening to today.

Talking Tech and Mac with Dr. Patty Solomon

This is Part 2 of 2 of my talk with Dr. Patty Solomon. In this part of our discussion we talk all things tech in rehab and what the Mac PT program is all about.

Are We Missing Out?

An infographic that shows the discrepancy between the online presence of physiotherapists with the percentage of patients searching for health information online.

5 Ways to Create Some Buzz About Your Business

This is our very first guest blog post. Janessa Bishop is a PR Consultant and has previously worked for Sick Kids and FleishmanHillard in Toronto. Find out how you can create buzz about your business from an expert in the field.