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New Feature Release: Clinic Dashboard

Embodia for home exercise programs can be used by individual therapists, or by clinics, organizations, and hospitals. We offer special pricing and discounts for any group of 2+ therapists who join Embodia. Organizations using Embodia also benefit from additional benefits including the ability to share patients, statistics dashboards, and the option to have a private, branded learning management system for employee onboarding and training.


Managers of a Clinic on Embodia can now:

  1. Add and remove therapists from the clinics' account
  2. Purchase courses on behalf of their therapists/employees
  3. Update the clinic credit card information
  4. View a general statistics dashboard that shows an overview of usage including number of patients added, patient progress, number of programs prescribed, and number of education shared
  5. View individual practitioner statistics including number of patients added, number of programs prescribed, number of education shared, and last sign-in date 

You can learn how to use all of these features by taking this short course on Embodia.


Contact us at for more information and pricing for your clinic or organization.


What is Embodia for HEP?

Embodia provides healthcare organizations and clinics with a complete digital platform from continuing education to patient home exercise programs and dashboards. Each year over 8,500+ Canadian physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and PT/OT assistants trust Embodia to develop their skills and deliver exceptional care.

Embodia for home exercise programs (HEP) allows practitioners to share valuable and easy to follow video exercises and education that guide patients between their sessions. Patients feel engaged and motivated to continue with gentle reminders, notifications, and easy progress tracking. Most importantly, they have clear instructions showing them how to perform the exercises when they are at home. Mobile applications do not replace the clinical encounter, but they are a useful tool and an extension of delivering personalized HEPs in an existing therapeutic partnership.


Practitioners can prescribe from our growing library of videos, easily record a patient being coached through exercises and share these private videos securely with the patient, or from your own library of videos. Practitioners are empowered to monitor patient progress via the patient dashboard.

There is a $15/month/practitioner fee to use Embodia with your patients (and aggressive discounts are provided to clinics and organizations). This allows you to:

  • Add as many patients as you like (patients use Embodia for Free)
  • Prescribe exercises
  • Share education
  • Create and share templates/protocols
  • Add your own exercises and education
  • Use the app which allows you to record your patients in session and share these videos/images with an individual patient (the file isn't uploaded or saved anywhere else)
  • Have a record of all prescribed content
  • Have a program summary of all prescribed content and patient performance (adherence), symptom levels and any notes they took

You can learn how to use all of these features by taking this short course on Embodia.


Patient-centered Care

Key Benefit: Improve Patient Outcomes

  • Provide patients with easy access to HEP via free mobile apps and a secure website;
  • Improve understanding and compliance with a professionally produced library of 1,000+ exercises and educational videos each demonstrating proper technique; and
  • Enable practitioners to easily and securely capture video of patients being coached through exercises.

Hear from one of our Canadian patients using Embodia:

At the heart of Embodia is the Patient Home Exercise Program (HEP).

“It shows you exactly what to do, when to do it and in what order to do your exercises.
It’s like going from the stone age to the modern age.” - Bill R.

Practitioner Prescribing and Monitoring

Key Benefit: Provide Efficient Workflows for Practitioners

  • Quickly build patient home exercise programs and easily prescribe with one click, prescriptions which instantly appear in the secure patient app;
  • Seamlessly capture videos of patients being coached through exercises and make these videos available to patients;
  • Track patient progress, including completion rate, symptom levels, notes, functional goals, and other measures between visits using the patient dashboard;
  • Clinics and organizations have the option to set up a branded private Academy, a learning management system for both clinical and administrative staff; and,
  • Integrate your own practice guidelines, tools, and systems and expand the content library with your exercises and videos.

Embodia for Home Exercise Program (HEP)
Embodia was founded by a physiotherapist, we know just how important practitioner efficiency is.

Contact us for a full tour of the app and dashboard at

“Remember how resistant I was at first? Now, I can't imagine working without it. It has changed my practice for the better, and my patients love the app! Embodia has made it so easy to make the transition to digital sharing of exercises for patients and knowledge for clinicians.”
- Carolyn Vandyken


Watch this short video to learn how Embodia for HEP works:

Our Mission


Embodia is Canada's leading platform for allied health. Our home exercise programs are designed to support clinical excellence and keep patients engaged and motivated. Started by a physiotherapist in collaboration with experienced technology professionals, Embodia is dedicated to supporting the Canadian rehabilitation market. Our partners and clients include:

Embodia for HEP

We look forward to exploring this partnership with your clinic or organization; if you have any questions or ideas to share, please contact us at 

You can learn how to use all of these features by taking this short course on Embodia.


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