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One Question Interview: Jodi Steele

Jodi Steele, a physiotherapist, lecturer, professor, founder of Cancer Rehab Inc., and continuing education course instructor, answers our question: If you could practitioners 5 things, what would they be?

One Question Interview: Julie Wiebe

Julie Wiebe - a physical therapist who specializes in diaphragm and pelvic floor integration in her clinical practice and in the innovative courses she teaches - answers our one question: "If you could tell your patients 5 things what would they be?"

One Question Interview: Kim Vopni

Kim Vopni, The Fitness Doula, answers our one question: "If you could tell your patients 5 things, what would they be?"

Research Summary: Patients' Perspective of Home Exercise Programs and the use of Embodia

This research was completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for an MScPT degree at the University of Toronto. This study explored the experiences and perspectives of physiotherapy outpatients with respect to their home exercise programs (HEPs) and how the use of Embodia affected the integration of HEPs into daily life.

The Future of Healthcare

Healthcare entrepreneurs, researchers, organizations, patients and practitioners need to collaborate to improve our system. There is a lot of room for improvement and we are going to change the healthcare system through collaboration and team work. Here are my top 5 take-aways from the Future of Health Conference hosted by the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto.

Top Tips for Treating Female Athletes

Have you ever felt that you could be doing better for your female clients? As a health or fitness professional, you have a lot of the pelvic health knowledge you need to help your clients but they just don’t seem to be responding or achieving their dream goals. Antony Lo explores the current evidence and explains new methodologies to effectively treat the female athlete.

The Future of Physiotherapy

In this Expert Series Webinar, Tanja Yardley & Allan Macdonald discuss the future of physiotherapy, the impact of technology, how to build business skills, why you should join the Canadian Physiotherapy Association & how to be involved as a leader in our profession.

Top 5 Fridays! 5 Things to Do With Frozen Shoulders

Dr. Erson Religioso III gives his top5 Things to Do With Frozen Shoulders for physiotherapists and he teaches online continuing education for physiotherapists on Embodia.

Mindfulness and Meditation

In the first episode of Embodia's Expert Series webinar, we sat down with Bahram Jam of the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI) and Rachel Donen of Align Physical Rehab to discuss mindfulness, meditation, persistent pain, chronic pain, and self-care.

3 Tips to Prepare for the Physiotherapy Competency Exam

3 tips to help physiotherapy students prepare for the Canadian Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE).

New Course Release: Even Superheroes Need a Hand

If you experience stress, depression, job dissatisfaction and are looking to audit yourself, your values, and beliefs to determine if you are experiencing burnout and how to help yourself or help others exhibiting the same signs of burnout then this course is for you. An online course by Mark Milligan and Sandy Hilton.

Concussion Rehab in Private Physiotherapy Practice

Physiotherapy management of concussion can be a challenging area of practice. Here are the 3 most common challenges of concussion rehab for physios in private practice and advice provided by Meaghan Adams, Embodia Academy Instructor.