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Top 10 Reasons to Date a Physiotherapist
By: Amy Gao, BHSc, MScPT Student; Jeevan Kooner, BSc, MScPT Student

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Maybe you just landed a date with a physiotherapist and you’re wondering how it’s going to go. Or maybe you’re fresh on the market and looking to see what your options are. 

Either way – we won’t judge! We’re just here to present you with the facts. 


Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Date a Physiotherapist:


1. Physiotherapists are known to be great listeners

If you asked someone what they believe is the most valuable trait in a partner, the majority of them would say good communication skills. Wouldn’t you agree? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a partner that listens closely to all your stories, takes your emotions and worries into account, and truly empathizes with you? Well, look no further – physiotherapists are great listeners!

Out of all the clinical skills a physiotherapist excels at, communication is the most vital and used most frequently in the clinic. A successful physiotherapist has to be a great listener in order to develop a good clinician-patient relationship.

To build this rapport, physiotherapists must create a safe and comfortable environment for the patient. They do so by listening to their patients empathetically, without judgment.

These are some major green flags to look for in a relationship! The freedom of being able to share your thoughts with your partner without worrying about their reactions and assumptions is definitely one of them. We all deserve to be heard with an open mind!


2. Physiotherapists are patient

“Slow and steady wins the race.”

Recovery and progress don’t happen overnight. Patience is something that all physiotherapists know well. It’s the small, consistent steps that count!

Physiotherapists care about consistency – health is a life-long journey, and habits take time to form and stick. Rehabilitation takes gradual progression and may involve a thousand small steps.

The rehabilitation process can also be full of ups and downs - much like a relationship! Physiotherapists not only have to be patient themselves, but they also have a role in educating patients about recovery timelines to adjust their expectations. They have a huge role in being supportive and cheering patients on through an often lengthy recovery process. There are definitely times of frustration, and progress is not always linear (actually, it rarely is).

Even on a rocky road to recovery, physiotherapists will remain calm, supportive, and understanding throughout the journey. 

Reality of a patient's recovery process

Sorry, let’s get back to YOU now.

These values can translate to relationships too. It’s not always going to be smooth sailing in a relationship. Having a partner who understands that progress comes with time, effort, consistency, and practice can be comforting.

So not only does slow and steady win the race, but it can also help establish a stable, strong, and resilient foundation for your relationship to flourish.


3. Physiotherapists are disciplined

Physiotherapists go through many years of rigorous school and exams, clinical training, and life-long learning (the courses don’t end after graduate school!). Not to mention, pursuing the career of a physiotherapist takes a lot of ambition, passion, and discipline. Yes, these are very attractive traits to have in a partner – but they are also great skills to master as individuals. 

Discipline can help develop many other great skills like organization, time management, and self-control. It is also a trait that allows physiotherapists to continuously grow and improve as individuals.

Discipline is also a great trait to have in a relationship. When one partner has discipline, they know their routines, schedules, and needs very well. They know how to manage themselves independently and how to fulfill their own needs. Even though a huge part of relationships involves support and companionship, self-management is important in a relationship and can make both partners stronger as individuals to cultivate a healthy balance. 

At the end of the day, both parties in a relationship have their individual lives, ambitions, and goals. You can rest assured that if there is something that your physio partner wants to achieve, they will put in the work and effort to achieve it! Now that’s a keeper!

4. Motivation to stay fit

Physiotherapists are experts in movement; health and fitness are areas that you can count on them to be well versed in. If you date a physiotherapist, they may give you a few pointers on your form at the gym or even on your posture throughout the day.

They might even have some creative ways for you to progress the workout you’ve been feeling uninterested in lately!

No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, there is always something you can learn from a physiotherapist.

Since physical activity is a huge part of physiotherapy, your partner will likely emphasize the importance of staying active. This makes them great workout buddies and cheerleaders - they will be your biggest fans and actively motivate you to work towards your fitness goals.

Physical activity may even be something that brings you and your partner closer together and can become a cherished shared activity. It’s also a good feeling to have someone close to you who shares similar values and has a positive influence on your health and fitness journey.

And let's not avoid the obvious – when we move, we feel good and we look good. Healthy relationships stem from healthy partners!

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5. Physiotherapists have caring hands

Imagine coming home after a long day – you’re exhausted and all you can think about is how every part of your body is aching. What better way to end this day than with some TLC from your partners' hands?

Physiotherapists are not only known for having caring hearts but also caring hands. They are trained in providing manual therapy to their patients. They are experts in identifying where there might be an area of concern and then using their hands to manipulate, mobilize, and massage the tissue. This technique is used to help relieve pain and stiffness. If you are dating a physical therapist, you will certainly notice their caring hands (and heart) - and while they cannot provide care to you, their heart and hands will shine through many other ways!

It's also worth mentioning that physiotherapists know how to position their bodies just right in order to assess and treat their patients in an effective and appropriate manner.

Being so well-equipped with body awareness in space could definitely come in handy… around the house for some heavy lifting - get your head out of the gutter! Their skills in body mechanics will make them a great set of hands to have when you’ve got a long day of strenuous tasks like painting or moving furniture ahead of you.


6. Free advice (even if you don’t ask!)

Who doesn’t like having a walking encyclopedia close by at all times? Physiotherapists are trained experts on movement, and they will definitely remind you if you forget. Analyzing movements and postures is something they almost can’t help doing – and this will definitely benefit you, too!

If your partner catches you slouched over a laptop or being a couch potato for hours on end, just be ready to hear it all. From little movement reminders to tips on better exercise form, your physiotherapist partner has a library of knowledge all in their brain – and you get free access. Lucky you!

You might not even need to buy that Apple watch you’ve been eyeing –  you’ll easily crush your daily steps dating a physiotherapist. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of opportunities to be couch potatoes together every once in a while.


7. Physiotherapists can help you feel better during an emergency

Emergencies can be very stressful. Regardless of the type of emergency, the same feelings are there – panic, urgency, and fear. During those times it’s not uncommon to feel lost and alone – but having the right support from a partner can make us feel better and get through these tough times.

Physiotherapists are highly educated healthcare professionals who have been trained in multiple settings. Needless to say, they can deal with some pretty serious stuff in their careers. Physiotherapists are also well educated on “red flags” that may require medical attention and will know when to get help if it ever comes up.

Before we get carried away – no, this doesn’t mean that your physiotherapist partner can treat you as a patient. However, it can be a huge relief to have a partner who has a background in health in a medical emergency.

Physiotherapists learn about many resources throughout their career and acquire many tools and strategies in their toolbox. They can introduce you to methods of handling stressful times, like mindfulness, meditation, and breathing practices – or simply be a listening ear when you need some support!

They can help you with strategies to stay calm during an emergency, and might even be able to provide some insight into healthcare environments that may be unfamiliar and intimidating to you!

Physiotherapists also have access to many resources. If you catch yourself feeling lost scrolling endlessly on Google for pages to explain something, your partner can help guide you towards credible, evidence-based sites. Your partner may also be able to provide you with the latest, user-friendly resources that can help you learn more about a certain topic.

Just remember that there are limits to what your partner can help you with! Their number one role in your relationship is still to be your loving partner. 


8. Physiotherapists know how to navigate tough conversations

In any relationship, difficult conversations are inevitable. They keep you and your partner on the same page. However, as important as they are, they can be very uncomfortable for some individuals. Some people will backtrack, change the subject, or even try to distance themselves.

If you date a physiotherapist, chances are that’s not something you’d need to worry about! Physiotherapists have hard conversations with patients and co-workers regularly – they’re trained for these discussions! From discussing a patient’s case to conflict resolution in the workplace, physiotherapists are prepared for these “uncomfy” conversations.

The skills they gain in these settings can easily be translated to other areas of their lives. As a partner, it can definitely be reassuring to know that they have practiced having tough conversations.

You can be confident that when the time comes, you’ll have a partner who will be willing to work through the hard stuff in a caring and empathetic manner. You may even learn a thing or two from them!


9. Physiotherapists can be social butterflies


Physiotherapy meme 3

Are you looking for a fun wedding date? Or maybe someone that can get along with your family and friends? Then look no further, because by dating a physiotherapist, you are getting the whole package. From small talk to serious conversations, physiotherapists do it all!

Physiotherapy sessions can run quite long and can be intimidating for some patients, so physiotherapists need to be able to strike up conversations to create a comfortable and friendly environment. With that being said, you never have to worry about running out of things to talk about. With all the patients that physiotherapists see on a daily basis, you can be sure that they will come home with many stories to share – without breaking patient confidentiality of course!

Their social charisma applies to people of all ages. That’s right! That means that whether it’s your 2-year-old niece or your 82-year-old great-aunt Pearl, your partner will know just what to say and do to put a smile on their faces! By dating a physical therapist, you can already count on them being a fan favorite when it comes to bringing them home to meet the parents.


10. Physiotherapists are creative

Physiotherapists are inherently creative. They listen to their patients' concerns, likes and dislikes to create an effective treatment plan that is meaningful to the patient. They are trained to read between the lines and ask relevant questions to come up with considerations that they can take into account when treating.

Creativity unleashes the fun side in people. This trait allows them to take what they are given and make it better. So whether you two are enjoying a quiet day indoors or dancing together at a loud party, you are guaranteed a good time!

Ever scared of what happens after “the honeymoon phase” is over? Well don’t worry one bit – you landed the jackpot for unique and fun dates when it comes to dating a physiotherapist! You can count on them to remember the little things and plan the perfect surprises. Although, you should be very wary that this puts you at risk of having the second-best anniversary gift! Just be prepared to be out-gifted every year.


In closing...

So if you haven’t put it together just yet, physiotherapists are a great catch! If you haven’t tried dating one, we highly recommend it. But then again that’s just our opinion. And who knows, we might just be a little biased.


Good luck,
Two wise physiotherapy students

Amy Gao (BHSc, MScPT Student) & Jeevan Kooner (BSc, MScPT Student) 



Date written: 6 July 2022
Last update: 29 May 2023

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