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Questionnaires on Embodia

To create a questionnaire from scratch go to HEP > Questionnaires > Add questionnaire. Creating a questionnaire on Embodia

Give your new questionnaire a Name, choose the questionnaire Type, select a Scoring strategy, and make your questionnaire Active by checking the button to the left of the word active.

Learn more about scoring by clicking on Learn more about scoring strategies. The Questionnaire scoring strategies information will open up in a new tab. 

Creating a questionnaire on Embodia


Click Submit to create your questionnaire. You will now see an empty questionnaire and can add items to it. 

Creating a questionnaire on Embodia

Click on New item (#1 in the image above) to add items to your questionnaire.

You can add a New instruction, a New question, or Connect a patient property (#2 in the image above). You can learn more about patient properties in our help article, Using patient properties

Note: You can learn more about the different question types on Embodia in the help article, Question types on Embodia.

Once you have made your desired changes, you are now ready to share the questionnaire with your patients!

Learn how to share a questionnaire with your patients in our help article, Sharing questionnaires.

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