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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 2: Scheduling

Your clinic manager needs to grant you permission before being able to schedule a class

To schedule a class, click on the My classes under Consults in the top bar. The "My classes" page will list your upcoming and completed classes. At the bottom of the page click on New class:

My classes on Embodia

The popup form is very similar to the form used to schedule a regular one-on-one consult with the exception of a few additional fields at the bottom:

  • Maximum participants count: The maximum number of attendees. Once this number of participants has been reached, the registration will be closed.
  • Show the number of registrants on the class page: Check this checkbox if you want to want the current number of registrants to be visible to patients.
  • Published: Check this checkbox if you want to publish the class. Only published classes will be visible to patients.

Once a class has been scheduled, there are additional settings that you can change from the class page, such as:

  • Thumbnail: the image that will appear on the class card.
  • Description: A description of the class that will appear on the class page. Use this description to provide information about the class and entice your patients to register.

Schedule classes on Embodia


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