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Case Studies on Embodia: Sanitas, The Small Clinic
By: Nataliya Zlotnikov MSc, HBSc ∙ Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Meet the team

With 5 practitioners and 1 front desk staff, the Sanitas Clinic has a full caseload, along with a waitlist which they’ve been trying to manage manually. Things were going really well, but stagnation is the enemy of progress, and so the Sanitas’ Owner thought they could be more efficient. They were having far too many "that should've been an email" moments.

So in the spirit of efficiency and clinic culture, she set out looking for an all-in-one practice management system that allows for collaboration amongst the staff, reduces administrative burden, improves the patient experience, and also provides an opportunity for additional revenue streams. 

The El Dorado of practice management software. But did it really exist?

Sanitas’ Clinic Owner spoke with a few other clinic owners she went to school with and found that the name Embodia kept popping up. Many of them had switched over to Embodia for their practice management and couldn't be happier.

She also did a quick Google search and found that Embodia was a small business with a 5-star rating. As a small business owner herself, she is always eager to support other small businesses, especially when they have such an excellent rating!

She so quickly booked a free demo with Embodia; here are the features that stood out to her:


Clinic library of exercises and patient education 

Being part of a clinic on Embodia allows Sanitas to upload its own sharable exercises and patient education that are private to the clinic. She also loved the shareable templates - a way to compile exercise and education protocols that make it fast and easy to prescribe. 

Sanitas Clinic's practitioners have been able to easily share the exercises and education without having to search through countless videos, send external links, or print hard copies; saving a lot of time, providing enhanced data security and saving trees. Does it get any better than this?

It does in fact!

exercises and patient education on Embodia

Share patient profiles for easy collaboration

Sanitas Clinic’s staff love to work in a collaborative fashion, often with different practitioners working with the same patient. Embodia makes it easy for them!

With clinic collaboration tools on Embodia, they have been able to not only build their clinic library of exercises, education and templates but also share patient profiles to view the history of appointments, questionnaires, and charts with the ability to add to and modify exercise programs created by other practitioners in the clinic. Sharing is caring!

Collaboration tools on Embodia

Clinic library of questionnaires 

So what else is Sanitas Clinic sharing? 

Their questionnaires. This includes outcome measures, intake forms, consent forms, and satisfaction surveys. 

Sanitas Clinic now has a collection of questionnaires available to everyone in the clinic making it easier and faster to collect the necessary patient information.

They are even able to choose exactly when your patients will receive their questionnaires and outcome measures on Embodia, reducing administrative workload. The options to send questionnaires to patients include : 

  • When the consult is scheduled;
  • A certain number of hours before the consult;
  • After the consult; or 
  • A certain number of hours after the consult.

Questionnaires on Embodia

Clinic chart items and templates 

Just like their collection of exercises, patient education, HEP templates and questionnaires, Sanitas Clinic also has a clinic library of chart items and charting templates that all clinic practitioners can use.

Chart items are the basic building blocks of a patient chart on Embodia. Each patient chart is comprised of a collection of chart items. Sanitas Clinic used Embodia's prebuilt chart items and created some of their own. They then combined those chart items into charting templates that all clinic practitioners are able to use to make things even easier.

Charting on Embodia

Flexibility in email templates

Sanitas Clinic wanted to automate and personalize emails sent to their patients, but this has always been a challenge. They’ve always had to choose between personalized emails or automated emails. The Sanitas clinic owner was thrilled to learn that with Embodia, they were able to easily customize emails sent as part of the consult (in English et en français) including:

  • Email sent to patient when the consult is created (scheduled)
  • Email sent to patient when the consult is updated (changes made to the consult)
  • Email sent to patient when the consult is cancelled
  • Reminder sent a day ahead of the consult
  • Reminder sent a few hours ahead of the consult

In addition to the consult emails, they were also able to customize the following email templates:

  • Welcome email
  • Welcome email reminder
  • New program prescribed
  • New education shared
  • New questionnaires shared
  • Invoice for a patient invoice
  • Receipt for a patient invoice
  • Invoice for a package
  • Receipt for a package
  • Invoice for gift certificate
  • Receipt for gift certificate
  • Redemption notice of gift certificate

Automation and customization are a theme across Embodia!


Clinic Admin capabilities 

Sanitas Clinic did not have to pay any additional fees for their front desk staff accounts because clinic admin accounts are always free on Embodia. 

The front desk staff was very happy to discover all the admin capabilities available on Embodia that have made their daily tasks way easier and has helped the clinic run much smoother! The front desk staff has been able to help the clinic's practitioners and clinic owner reduce their workload and improve the clinic's workflow. 

Here are some of the actions the front desk staff has been able to perform

  • Add patients
  • Schedule telerehab consults
  • Resend consult confirmation emails
  • Cancel a telerehab consult
  • See if a practitioner is on a telerehab consult 
  • Prescribe programs
  • Share patient education
  • Share questionnaires
  • Manage schedules
  • Manage patient billing
  • Communicate with patients
  • Manage the waitlist

Clinic admin on Embodia

Booking requests

Sometimes, a patient cannot find the exact appointment that they are looking for and may navigate away from your online booking page leading to lost bookings and revenue. 

Sanitas Clinic was able to considerably reduce this loss with Embodia's booking request form - a customizable contact form on a clinic's online booking portal that clients and potential clients can fill out to request booking an appointment. As soon as a client would submit a booking request, the clinic admin and clinic owner would be notified via email and reach out to them at their earliest convenience.

Booking requests on Embodia

Clinic Academy 

As a way to help the community and offer their knowledge to more people, the clinicians at Sanitas have been offering group educational sessions. Some of these have been filmed and the owner was hoping to host them as useable online content. They were able to do that with yet another unexpected bonus from Embodia, Clinic Academy!

With Clinic Academy, Sanitas was able to create and sell on-demand and live courses and programs to its clients and the general population. Using Clinic Academy, they were able to generate a passive income that let them increase practitioner salaries and create an improved clinic culture.  


Ability to set up packages and memberships

Sanitas Clinic also sells packages and memberships as part of its offering to help patients commit to their plan of care.  

Before Embodia, they were manually tracking their packages, which was inefficient, to say the least. 

But now, creating packaging, providing discounts, and managing and selling those packages and memberships was all done digitally and easily on Embodia.

Ability to set up packages and memberships on Embodia

I have been using Embodia for over a year now for our clinic and it's been great. It's so easy to use and customize. The clinic admin login lets me see everything I need to help things run smoothly. This includes viewing and editing schedules and availabilities, accessing clinic settings, patient information, and billing. The customization of services, flexible online booking, and questionnaires have been invaluable. It's both easy and efficient to use!

- Kristen Lee, Clinic Admin


Where you can learn more about Embodia's Practice Management System

Ultimately Sanitas Clinic chose Embodia’s Practice Management System because it offers everything they are looking for, along with a few unexpected extras including booking requests, the ability to set up and sell packages and memberships, as well as opportunities for passive income.

To learn more about Embodia’s practice management system, visit this page. If you’d like to schedule a time to meet with us for a demo, click here.

Date published: 31 July 2023
Last update: 11 July 2024

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