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Home Exercise Programs (HEP) on Embodia

Once a patient is added, you can start building their home exercise program. Head over to the Exercise library by going to HEP > Exercises:

Exercise library on Embodia


You can search for an exercise in a multitude of ways including: 

  • The free text in the search box;
  • by Course*;
  • by Body Part;
  • by Motion;
  • by Position; 
  • by Type.

*The 'by Course' drop-down will list any course or resource package you have access to on Embodia and that contains exercises.

Exercise search bar on Embodia


You can also filter exercises by their author.

Under each exercise title, you can see the author of the exercise. Clicking on the author's name will filter the results to show the public resources belonging to that particular author:

Exercises by author on Embodia


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