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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 3: Billing

Important: Embodia does not support shipping and handling of products. By enabling direct purchase of products from the patient portal, you understand that you are responsible for the delivery of products to the purchaser.

The actions described in this lesson require a Manager permission on your clinic. To enable this functionality, you also need to be have at least one payment method that can accept card payments.

Once you've set up a product and its different variants, you can make a product directly purchasable by the patient from the patient portal. To do so, click on the "edit" icon next to the product, and then check the "Allow patients to purchase this product directly from the patient portal" checkbox:

In the pop-up form, you can provide:

  • Payment method: This needs to be a payment method that can accept card payments;
  • Tax rate: (Optional) which tax rate to apply to the purchase of this product. Leave this field blank if you will not be charging taxes.
  • Questionnaire: (Optional) a questionnaire that a patient needs to fill out before being able to purchase the product. If left blank, the patient will not be asked to fill out any questionnaires before being allowed to purchased the product.
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