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Practice Management on Embodia - Part 3: Billing

Submitting claims to TELUS eClaims requires a 'Managing patient invoices' permission on your account. You can check with the clinic manager to see if you have such permission.

From the patient invoice page, on the right-hand side, click on New claim.

Creating a new TELUS eClaims claim on Embodia


In the popup form, complete the required information. Once the basic information has been added to the claim page, you can add all the services/products that are part of this claim.

Creating a new TELUS eClaims claim on Embodia


Click on Add an item, and fill out the popup form with:

  • The associated line item from the invoice;
  • The service/product type;
  • The quantity: this value should be in minutes for services and the number of items for a product;
  • The price/cost of the service or product.

Once all the items have been added and you are ready to submit the predetermination claim to TELUS, check that you agree to the terms and conditions and that you obtained the authorization and consent from the patient, and then click on Submit to TELUS eClaims

Submitting a claim to TELUS eClaims on Embodia

This will submit the claim to TELUS, and within a few seconds, the insurer's response will be displayed.

Sample of claim submitted to TELUS eClaims on Embodia


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