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Vehicle Modification

Vehicle Modification

Vehicle Modification

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This online physiotherapy course introduces you to vehicle modifications from the perspective of experts who help people make these choices all the time. It reviews what happens in a driving assessment and presents a structure to help you narrow down your options and choose the right vehicle for you. It shows various accommodations for people requiring assistance transferring into a vehicle as driver or passenger. It shows quick demos of different modifications in action. Finally, three drivers share what it means to them to get back on the road.

Several people with expertise in vehicle modification contributed to this course.

  • Ivan sustained a spinal cord injury at age 23 in a landscaping accident. He loves getting lost in Ontario on a road trip. Ivan shares his story and demos his Honda CRV with hand controls.
  • Dan Harvey grew up in the suburbs of Guelph, Ontario. His life changed at the age of 17 when he sustained a spinal cord injury after falling off of a trampoline. Since then, he has navigated his way through a B.A. and M.A. in Media Studies, at Western University. Dan shares his story and a demo driving his Toyota Sienna with AEVIT controls here.
  • Helena Griner is an animal lover and sports enthusiast. Her first love was sport bikes. After an injury in 2008 she discovered a new love of hand cycling and sit skiing. She shares her story and a demo in her Ford F150 in this course.
  • Marco Ferrara is the owner and founder of Universal Motion, a company that specializes in wheelchair accessible transportation and adaptive driving equipment. He founded Universal Motion in 1998 when the accessible vehicle technologies of the time did not meet his needs. Universal Motion partnered with Cortree on this course.

The instructors
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