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Managing my practitioner account

First, check to see if the course includes a certificate of completion

The course page will indicate if a certificate of completion is included. Below are two images - the one on the left includes a certificate and the one on the right does not:


For courses that include a certificate, you must complete the course before the certificate is generated

You must complete 100% of the course in order for the certificate to be generated. Embodia tracks and displays your progress in each on-demand course you take. You can check your progress in the courses you are taking at any time. 

The progress is marked on each course thumbnail on the Embodia Academy landing page:

Your progress is also indicated on each individual course page:

Download your certificate via email

When you complete a course, you will receive an email from Embodia. You can click on the button 'Get certificate' in that email to download the certificate. 

Please note that if your device or browser does not support downloading and previewing PDF files, you will not be able to use the first option. Please click 'Send via Email' to have the certificate sent to you.


Download your certificate via the course page

You can also download your certificate from the course page on Embodia. On the course page, you will see the button 'Get Certificate'. Click on this button to download your certificate:

This button will not disappear so you can come back to the course page at any time to download your certificate.

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