Choosing a Wheelchair

This course explains the process in selecting an appropriate wheelchair, from the perspective of people who use wheelchairs for daily mobility. You will hear stories about what it means to have the right equipment, including in some cases lessons learned the hard way.

We will explain the roles and responsibilities of people who are going to be involved in the process: health care providers, vendors, and you and your family.

We will describe the process of choosing a wheelchair, and review key parts and functions of manual and power wheelchairs.

And we will share some key resources and tips to consider as you go through the process. Because whether it’s your first time choosing a wheelchair or your fifth, it’s always better to be prepared.

This course was designed with the help of an experienced physiotherapist. Marlene Holder is an Assistive Devices Program (ADP) authorizer in Ontario and completes private assessments to prescribe seating and mobility equipment for children and adults. You will hear more from her in the section on how the assessment process works.

People with spinal cord injuries helped design this module too. Leandre, Lubna, Nancy and Paul shared stories of choosing a wheelchair. They know what it’s like to choose a wheelchair that will be used daily for many years, that may even with time feel like an extension of who you are.

This course is about determining your needs and preferences to help you prepare for your meeting. Our goal is to make it easier for you to participate in the process, make a choice that’s right for you, and then get on with what really matters: living your life.

Instructor Name Cortree
Cost CA$34.99
Run Time 30:00
Access Duration Indefinite access after purchase