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About The Course:

All people have limitations and vulnerabilities – as well as strengths and potential. Bronnie uses a cognitive and behavioral approach. She doesn’t use this approach exclusively, because it is necessary to ‘borrow’ at times from other approaches, but encourages ongoing evaluation of everything that is put forward as ‘therapy’.

The mission of the San Diego Pain Summit is to help clinicians learn ways to create frameworks based on current pain research so they can develop effective pain management programs for their patients. Together we are working to bridge the chasm to develop effective pain management programs for our patients.

This course was recorded at a multi-disciplinary conference where clinicians learn how to apply current pain research into clinical practice. 

Who Is This Course For: 
This course is relevant to all healthcare professionals. 

About The Instructor:

Bronnie Lennox Thompson, PhD

She trained as an occupational therapist, and graduated in 1984. Since then she continued to study at postgraduate level and her papers have included business skills, ergonomics, mental health therapies, and psychology. Bronnie completed her Masters in Psychology in 1999, and started her PhD in 2007. One of her many passions is to help people experiencing chronic health problems learn to achieve their potential. She has worked in the field of chronic pain management, helping people develop ‘self management’ skills for 16 years. Many of the skills are directly applicable to people with other health conditions.

Bronnie is also an educator, she offers an active knowledge of the latest research, integrated with current clinical practice, and communicated to clinicians working directly with people experiencing chronic ill health. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Orthopaedic surgery & Musculoskeletal Medicine at the University of Otago Christchurch Health Sciences and also offers courses, training and supervision for therapists working with people experiencing chronic ill health.

Instructor Name Bronnie Lennox Thompson
Cost Free
Run Time 48:42